Sunday, August 19, 2012

Buttercup of Little Faith Learns Her Lesson

About five minutes after I posted yesterday I regretted my commitment to take pictures of my leisurely New York City afternoon. I had a few vague plans with none of it very exciting. Even Broadway, which is usually crowded and lively was very quiet. I stopped for an iced coffee before doing my errands and while I drank my coffee I was wondering what could I possibly photograph. Buttercup, ye of little faith! New York City didn't fail me. I doubted New York City.

A minute after I came out of the bagel store where I went for coffee a pedicab pulled up to the curb and a bride and groom appeared in full wedding attire.

Shame, shame on me for doubting a fun and lively sight on the streets of New York, even on a quiet Saturday afternoon in August. I will not be doubting New York City again.

This afternoon I was standing in the center median of Broadway, attempting to finish crossing the street, when a flotilla of motorcycles and ATVs passed by.

 Coming down Broadway...

...Perhaps on the way to Times Square

Just when I think New York or the universe or life hasn't much too offer, I need to remember just to think again. We never know what's just around the corner or down the street. 

It's been a fun weekend and I so enjoyed being outside. The weather has been terrific, just the summer days we have been waiting for. I did get in a lot of walking, found a new (to me) park in a neighborhood I haven't explored before and in a little while I will be having dinner with a friend. Hope your weekend was one of sweet surprises, too. 

Wishes for a sweet week!
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