Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pinterest Travelfest -- Welcome to North Dakota!

I couldn't resist this fabulous cow!

This giant cow is in New Salem, North Dakota and I'd love to see it in person. When I think about the eight states I have yet to visit I realize how many wonderful, fun and interesting sights there are in the United States. I know there are a number of places I'd like to see in New York state and even in New York City. I think my next Travelfest will be places in New York state. It will be a great stimulus to explore my home state. 

Decluttering update: I've used this overcast afternoon to complete my 100 Items Challenge for March (Recycle/Discard 100 Things) and am ready to start the same challenge for April. I finished one drawer in the bedroom dresser and will move on to one other tomorrow. I also sorted through DVDs and books and listed a number of things on I'm not nearly done, but I'm finding the more I give away/discard the easier it becomes and I haven't missed anything that's found a new home. 

It's been a nice and relaxing day. I went to services in the morning and then a 65th birthday lunch for a friend from our bible study. Got in a few errands and now I'm enjoying catching up on blogging and blog visits. I hope your day was as leisurely and relaxing.

Wishes for a sweet Sunday!


LDH said...

That sure is a fabulous cow! How I have enjoyed your photos from the places you have visited! Such fun!

Lots of progress with your decluttering. I have to kick it in gear as 'stuff' has accumulated in my house.

Always a joy visiting with you! Remembering that special evening in NYC with fondness!

Anonymous said...

I challenge you to find a giant Sock Monkey :) If you find that, I am SO traveling there. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the cow!
I admire your decluttering skills.
Wishing you an enjoyable and restful evening.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This is a delightful idea. I think I should check out the sites here in Ohio that I'd like to see... I love armchair traveling. I'll be interested to see what you come with too. Glad you had such a great day. Best wishes to you too for a wonderful Sunday!

Lynda said...

Neat cow!
Question - - - do you have to have a Twitter or FaceBook account to Pinterest? Did FB once - - - don't want to get caught up in it again. It takes lots more time than blogging! Blogging is like the Reader's Digest version of FB.

Lynda said...

P.S. EXCELLENT on the decluttering. We are still in the process of sorting and tossing - - - but it seems like there is more to do than there are hours in the day!


LOVE that cow. Would have to have my picture taken with it, too. LOL You're decluttering is putting me to shame. I haven't done a thing here. Congrats on the progress. Take care.

Maggid said...

Greetings, Buttercup!!!!
I think you'll super enjoy this course - I'm going to find our where it is near you - (I gotta believe it's being offered) - if not - I'll find a way to get books to you.

Love & Love,

ps - i realize I'm typing on April 1st - BUT - I am NOT joking . . . -g-

Theresa said...

MOO, makes me want a glass of milk:) Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday morning! BIG HUGS!

Jemi Fraser said...

Love the cow! It's amazing how many 'close by' tourist attractions we miss. It's important to support our local sites too! :)

Maggid said...

Hi! I'm back again . . . Here's a link: -
it's Florence Melton - I think one of the new york, new york locations are close to you . . yes???

It's a mini-school . . . I'm a Jewish Educator - and receive discounts through "CAJE" -

Will any of this assist??? if not - let me know - I could always send you titles -

love & love,

I tired to find a private email - but failed - hope you don't mind me posting this way . . . -g-

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, How are you? Haven't heard from you in awhile.... Sounds like you are GREAT... That is so good!!!! Hope you have had a wonderful Palm Sunday and birthday lunch.

I have some friends who saw that giant cow --and took almost the same picture one time.... There are just so many wonderful places to visit in our great country.

Yes, we all need to declutter at times... I have been working in the yard alot lately and my computer desk definitely needs decluttering.. ha

Have a great week.

Cathyjo said...

Thanks so much for dropimg by, I feel bless when you do.xo