Saturday, January 21, 2012

Live from New York ...It's Snow!

Looking north from my building

Today was the first snow of the season, the winter season. I am not counting the storm we had in October as part of the winter. Despite the fact that my family and friends in Connecticut had no power for over a week, the snow melted quickly here and it was autumn as usual immediately after. I took this picture in the afternoon, when it had stopped snowing and the sidewalks were no longer slippery. 

I am so tempted to stay home on snowy days, especially when I don't have to go out to work. But our synagogue book club had a great program and I got myself up and out. I live only a few blocks from where the program was held, so weather wasn't much of an excuse. Julie Salamon spoke about her biography of Wendy Wasserstein, "Wendy and the Lost Boys." Julie was interesting, warm and an extremely engaging speaker. I've been eager to read this book for a few months and I will be loading it to my kindle this evening. I think it will be a perfect book to settle in with on a cold winter evening. 

On the subject of reading...I'm always looking for book recommendations and would love to know what my blog buddies are reading. 

Tonight it's a good book, a cozy throw and a cup of tea. I can't wish for more, except that all of you have an equally sweet evening. 


Anonymous said...

I love to read anything about the 1400's to 1700's British & European Royalty. I also read Janet Evanovich & James Patterson... Very diverse.
Have a Wonderful Evening!!

Loretta said...

What a sweet ending to a nice post! Enjoy your evening! Hugs

Chatty Crone said...

I am waiting for some cooler weather here. That snow looks like fun. sandie

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day and I like the sound of settling in with a good book on a cold night. Wishing you an enjoyable rest of the weekend.

Shell said...

.............Running to grab her kindle..........
I recently read a really delightful and insightful book Free on Kindle,
"Letters of a Woman Homesteader." by Elinore Pruitt Stewart.
Wowza, gotta love Elinore! She put the "A" in Amazing!

Your neighborhood looks like a fun place to live, I've got to get to NYC one of these days! Maybe we could house swap,,Only if you can put up with all my Animals and clutter, though! HA!

Our Snow is melting,,,,,okay, "running" is more accurate!
Got you in my Giveaway drawing and I'll be thinking and praying for your friends!

Hugs and LOVE,
(Soggy, but warmer once again, in Snohomish, WA!)

Mimi said...

Thank you for braving the elements so I could SEE SNOW!!!!
I love it and only see it about once every year or so!!!!
Your book sounds interesting, I just might go find that on Amazon!!!

Grammy Staffy said...

Hello dear buttercup. I am trying to do this from my new iPad. I am having trouble getting use to the keyboard. I really enjoyed reading The Help" Have you read it yet? the movie was good too..

stay warm. hugs, Lura

Theresa said...

Love seeing your beautiful City thru your eyes! Enjoy your Sunday dear friend! BIG HUGS!

Joanne said...

We had a little snow here in CT too, a few inches. Nothing like the fiasco last October, wow, that was a mess. We were without power for a week too. This time around, much better :)

Teacherfish said...

The snow is lasting a bit longer around here (we must be a whole 8 miles away from you!)

I could live without the snow- really happy that this year is not a repeat of last year.

But it was nice to snuggle down with a good book and a cup of tea.
Have a great week!

Mevely317 said...

Lucky girl!
I'm fortunate in that my bucket list isn't too lengthy ... but seeing NYC in winter -- perhaps a carriage ride through Central Park in the snow -- is right up there!

Keep cozy!

Susie said...

Buttercup....Is reading blog posts the same as reading books?LOL I seem to enjoy just even a glimpse of other's lifes. I do know I have not read as many books as I thought I would once retiring. That's bad. Smiles to you,Susie(She Junks)

Bernie said...

Sounds like a lovely day and even your weather looks cozy. Loved how you ended your day and wishing you a wonderful week ahead....:-)Hugs

Kathleen said...

Hi Buttercup,
We got 6 inches, but most of it is gone from the rain today. Thank goodness!
Hope all is well with you!

Kathleen said...

Are you into Downton Abbey, Masterpiece Classics? I love it!

Nancy M. said...

It's so weird how un-winter like it's been this year!