Monday, January 2, 2012

(Embrace) Change...My Perfect Word(s) for 2012

Source: via Carol on Pinterest

Today was a very enjoyable and very predictable day off from work. I picked up a prescription at the drugstore, bought a cup of coffee at Dunkin' Donuts, went to the grocery and the health food store. I made a few phone calls, read my email and did a lot of blog visiting. To soothe my winter-weary feet I got a pedicure. I tried a new nail salon and liked it a lot. Not much change at all.

What has changed is my attitude. I've taken the idea of a Perfect Word for 2012 very seriously and given it a lot of thought. I realized change alone wasn't enough. I need to embrace the change that I know may be coming in 2012.

For the last three years I have planned to retire from my present job this summer. Yet, as the time grows closer, I grow more anxious. I worry about money -- though I've run the numbers at least once a week. I worry about meaningful things to do, though I have a dozen ideas in my head. I worry about being lonely without seeing my work friends daily, though there are a number of close friends I would like to spend more time with, and not just in scraps on weekends. Instead of shrinking from the approaching changes I want to embrace them and enjoy all that will change.

I feel that this is a graduation of sorts and I am the girl leaving high school and Hartford for the bigger, wider world. I remember being excited. I don't remember being scared, though that must have been part of my emotions in 1968. There were things I missed about home and high school, but there were so many new and exciting things in my college life. I know I embraced change then and I need to embrace it now.

Here's to change and newness and all the excitement 2012 will hold!


Anonymous said...

My neighbor and I were just discussing how we treat ourselves to DD coffee occasionally; it is so tasty!

I wish you much happiness as you prepare to make changes this summer. Most folks wonder how they ever had time to work, once they retire.

Just remember all the places you are keeping on your list to visit!

Have a restful evening Buttercup!

Joanne said...

I like this philosophy, it reminds me of my philosophy to "Own it." Your thoughts seem to have the same meaning, and really they make certain experiences and decisions become a part of who we are.

And I cast a vote for DD coffee too :)

Shell said...

I don't think that we ever truly "Retire." At least not in the old sense.

Look at it as an opportunity to try and do new things, maybe something with a BIT of an income.
Something that you LOVE, something that Challenges you.

I was blessed in a lot of ways to have a Mom who had me quite late in life,,,well at least for Your's and Mine's time. She STARTED Real Estate at 59...and then later ON, she remarried and her and her hubby used to buy old houses and fix them up.

I guess what I learned from her the MOST,,,was NEVER stop Growing and Learning, no matter WHAT you do!

I don't think you're the type to sit around and do crossword puzzles in the NY Times....This is a yes, scary to a degree, but also an awesome time if you've got a bit stashed away to pursue some new DREAMS! How FUN!

(Of Course, if you REALLY wanna keep 'em guessing,,,,,you could get some Fushia, or Teal, or "Bling" in your hair too~")

I'm excited for you in this New Year.....Just keep your Spirit and Heart Open,,,,,You'll find your path,,,,at least for a while, and THEN you can always change it again!

Hugs and LOVE,

(I'm having a little Giveaway,,,,and "he" may be just what you need to keep you smiling for the start of the new year!)

Kerrie said...

Happy New Year to you! Thanks for prayers. I like your philosophy :)

Lynda said...

I am a little envious of you! I am strongly considering retirement in one year since I will be 62 in January 2013. You probably have started doing it - - but financial people advise that we start living on our reduced income before we actually have to - - - but it is a bit more difficult to do that while still working. For instance, we have found we eat out substantially less when home on vacation than we do when working. That will be a reduced expense for us when I am home all the time.
You probably already do this, too - - - but shop grocery sales with coupons - - watch for the cycles. They say most products are on sale about every six weeks and if we recognize the pattern, we can stock up at those times. As you have time, start searching the internet or the library for ways to save. Then you will not feel as much financial pressure - - - but you are right - - - it will affect us not only financially but emotionally, too as our identity seems to change, too.
Do your colleges allow you to audit classes for free? We can at the community college and at Lee University, we can take classes for a very minimal amount. I may do that, too, when I retire. Like you, I am excited about it but am wondering if it will be all I anticipate.

Tanna said...

Ahhh, Buttercup! This is my word for this year, too. So many things I've resisted... it is time to embrace. I wish you much success in embracing the changes before you! and a year full of joy and contentment. May it be your best ever! blessings ~ tanna


The financial and emotional pressures of retirement are big. Things you don't even realize become issues. But since you've planned ahead, you are ready to confront them, head on. I think EMBRACING CHANGE will work to your advantage. Your MINDSET is GOOD. Regarding it as an exciting new adventure will open doors to the future. I wish you well. May you be blessed with a wonderous new beginning in 2012. Take care.

Nancy C said...

Retirement can be a scary situation to face -- but if you can plan your expenses, and find some new activities/hobbies you really like that don't cost an arm and a leg, you should be just fine! I'm excited for you! :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember doing the same before I retired. I really had to pray about it even though I knew that it was time for me to do so. Now I'm going into the 2nd full year and I know it was the right decision. I've never regretted the decision and have enjoyed every moment. I have embraced those changes in my life. Every day is something new and different. Hope 2012 is a terrific year for you.

kate i said...

Hi Buttercup...I came here via Tanna at Brick Street Bungalow...she told me that you've chosen the word Embrace as well. My friend Ruth at Underneath The Art chose it too so there's several of us that are ready to embrace 2012!

I took an early retirement 10 years ago and have never regretted it...a wonderful opportunity to do all the things I put off for years. It's funny how easily we lose our youthful sense of adventure and become so cautious with age. Here's to 2012 and embracing adventures!

ain't for city gals said...

Believe me in this...if not now ...when? You are never completely ready..some times it is just your turn! Go for it..