Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stop the Clock!

This week seems to be one of my best for decompressing after Christmas and I am enjoying the slower pace at work and quietly spending time with friends. I love getting a seat on the subway every morning on the way to work -- school is out and fewer people are going to work -- and eating a less rich diet. But although I am ready to move ahead to 2012 I am not ready for this. I know it's coming every year, but December 27?

On the same day, (different drugstore) I found one more Christmas treat for myself, and a friend to Pepe. Yes, I am a sock monkey fan and Pepe's new friend, Socko, will fit in very nicely with the rest of my office toy store. Socko's "talent" is singing, "Hey, hey it's the Monkees," when his hand is pressed. It's very silly, but lots of fun and just the perfect pick-me-up for any winter blues.

Pleased to introduce Mr. Socko. 

What's your harmless treat to cheer cold winter days? Besides Socko and friends I can be very happy with  peppermint hot cocoa.

Wishing you warm thoughts and sweet dreams for cold nights! 


Chatty Crone said...

Valentines are up all over the place here too. They must have stayed up during the Christmas season to put them up! sandie

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Well, Hello, Mr. Socko! Lucky you, hanging out with Buttercup!

Sending very Happy New Year wishes!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I saw some valentines when I was out shopping today too. I did some Christmas clearance buying and got some candles 50% off. They are expensive full price and love it when I find them on sale. Enjoy your quiet time...New Years will soon be here and everything will return to normal before we know it.


Mr. Socko is quite the guy. He'll bring you hours of enjoyment and fun. LOL ENJOY. Santa got me a Fijit named Wilma to sit on my desk. I saw Valentines up here on the 26th of December. Talk about RUSHING things. I took a picture too. I relax with a cup of Chai Tea latte on a cold night to warm my insides. If the weather is warmer... I have an Izzie, grapefruit drink or TropARocka Tea. Take care. Savor that peppermint cocoa. And Happy New Year.

Melinda said...

We had Valentine's cards up at our Target on the 26th!
Fast, fast, fast! I'll tell ya.

Love your toys!


Marie Rayner said...

So cute! I don't know why the retailers feel they have to rush us like that. I just don't pay attention until I am ready to pay attention! Happy New Year! xxoo

Lynda said...

We, too, are enjoying this week a lot - - - and like you, I was NOT happy to see Valentines in the store even before my Christmas lights have been turned off! It's so wrong.
This week it has been especially nice to get eight hours of sleep every night no matter when we have gone to bed - - - and to be able to run necessary errands at leisure rather than fit them into the work schedule.

Mevely317 said...

I know, right?
My son -- who's a reg'l. distributor for "little" sweet treats -- admitted to having already delivered Valentine-related goods. :(((

We're fast approaching warmer weather, but 'til then I'm relishing disgustingly long, HOTTTTT showers and cool sheets.

Please enjoy a sweet, safe and HAPPY New Year!