Friday, November 4, 2011

Cranberry Fest

We had a wonderful time with Pinterest Pumpkinfest, but I'm going to say goodbye to pumpkins. For the next few Fridays I want to celebrate the cranberry. I am a great cranberry fan and soon half of my freezer will be stocked with cranberries. In honor of our first Cranberry Fest  I'm sharing a sweet way to celebrate cranberries, the cranberry caramel bar. It's lucky we can't gain weight by looking at pictures and these do look delicious.

Wishes for a Sweet Weekend!    


Lynda said...

That does look delicious!
Saw you were on the way to Chicago. Hope you have fun.

Country Dreaming said...

have fun in Chi town. Love it there.
These looks like they would make a great Christmas gift.

Safe travels.



I just bought a cranberry candle to give my mom for the holidays when I happened upon the title of this post. Finally I got to access the page. It was worth the wait. That photograph of the cranberry carmel bar looks decadent. My mouth is watering. I love cranberries. Perfect for the season. Hope you had a blast in Chicago. Have a safe trip home. Take care.

Sybil said...

Enjoy your trip...just wish I was going with you !! I also love cranberries, I manage to get cerial bars with cranberries and blackberries in TESCO..they are low calarie ones only 70 per bar...have one most nights !! delicious.
Love SYbil xx