Friday, September 9, 2011

Socks Need a Good Home

Of all the things in the world, it seems somewhat odd to blog about socks, but they are on my mind and have been for the last few days. As I've started to feel better this week I've done some light decluttering. This is a task sadly overdue. I'm not yet a candidate for "Hoarders," but I did come across a stack of magazines from -- gasp! -- 2008, and I am afraid 2007 could make an appearance sometime soon, too.

As we know I have any number of faults. One, previously discussed, is my propensity to "save" gift cards. I'm making progress here, but need to do a review of what I have on hand now. The second major fault is to begin to read a magazine and then put it aside to finish "more carefully" later. Later, of course, never arrives, and in 2011 I'm looking at a stack of "Money" from 2008. Nothing I would now read there would be very useful.

The third fault, which may actually be a virtue, is my need to save things that are "still good," especially socks. While doing a little decluttering in one of the closets I discovered a large bag of perfectly good socks. Their only flaw is that I don't want to wear them. I'm not sure when I cleared out my sock drawer and I think I made an effort to find a group that needed used, but clean, women's socks, but didn't find one. My recollection is that groups here only wanted new socks. My socks were put away -- because it went against my nature to throw away socks -- until I could find a group that could use them.

My sock deadline is here. I recycle clothes and household things to a charitable organization, and yes, I could include the socks with my contribution. But I cling, somewhat stubbornly, to the belief that somewhere someone can specifically use socks. I will mail them -- 40 or so pairs -- to anyone who has a need. Happily! They are clean, not especially worn and in a variety of styles and colors. And yes, I will be glad to send them out of the country. I will feel really good knowing my socks have gone to a good home. Please don't be shy, these socks need a new home.     


Anonymous said...

Do you have any socks that have sock monkeys on them? If so I want that pair :)

blessedmom's simple home said...

I have a sock pile too, but they're all socks that have been through the wash and somehow lost their mate :) With laundry for 8, that seems to happen quite often :) They usually show up eventually.
Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you figure Pinterest out, it's so much fun!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

I am funny about my socks. I buy only a certain brand and they are all one color. It makes it so much easier to fold them on laundry day.

I know there must be someone who is in need of some socks.

Cathyjo said...

Gee I haven't wore any in about 4yrs as I can't get them on, do to my RA wish I could,I would take them myself I'm not that picky.
I have big feet and the tops are always to small to get into.
Oh well just life.Have a nice day.OOXX


I can appreciate your sock dilema. I have a LARGE drawer of knee-hi hose in various colors that I've been saving for the past 15 years. I only wear black or nude ones. The drawer space is being wasted on these, so I finally decided to donate them to the local thrift store. The things we save are interesting aren't they? GOOD LUCK finding a new home for your socks.

Chatty Crone said...

I know if no one writes in for them there are a million charities who would love them. Sandie

Simply Debbie said...

THANK YOU for visiting me and your prayers, always. You were one of my first ever blogging buddies.
I am not shy...I am always in need of socks to keep my feet warm...if they don't fit me I have a womens shelter they can be sent too. I have always been given hand me down's...I rarely have anything to me is something I have not been given before and I am not ashamed. I like all kinds of socks from any bright color to white.
My beautican has a daughter doing her residency at Belluvue...She has attended college there for 4 years...she is working on a cure for prostate cancer. I don't remember the college name but that it is in Manhattan and you have to be selected to go there. She is a brain in science and math...and beautiful also.
I am in love with the shows PROJECT RUNWAY AND DESIGN STAR. Project Runway always buys their material at a store called Moods....I would love to have a picture of that store and visit there sometime.
Were you working in Manhattan or were you living there during the tragic was such despair I have a hard time describing it.....I LOVE...LOVE THE SHOW called SELLING NEW YORK....It takes you into million dollar plus apartments and all over Manhattan.

Lynda said...

I remember our grandmothers using socks for dusting when doing housework. I would think some homeless shelter would want the socks - - - or it seems like someone on the streets could use them. How about some churches who give out used clothing?
You know you are feeling better when you want to clean house. Decluttering feels soooooo good!