Sunday, August 28, 2011

Live from New York City...The (Not-so) Calm After the Storm

Looks a lot like yesterday's photo, but no one has an umbrella today.

Above picture is the view from my apartment. We had lots of rain and some wind. I was beginning to think our neighborhood was totally untouched, but one of my neighbors suggested I walk one block to Riverside Park, which is on the Hudson River. The sight was not as pristine. 

My friends in Brooklyn weathered the storm well, but my cousins in Connecticut have lost power and some trees on their street. Heard from them via cellphone to facebook. The joys of the modern world. 

Thanks all, for your prayers and concern. I am grateful that Irene was gentle in New York City, but I am so sad for the destruction and death in other places. I hope that all my buddies in Blogland and their families were unscathed.  

I am now in major preparation for tomorrow's surgery. I'm off to the hospital at 7:30 tomorrow morning and anticipate being home some time in the evening. My friend, Pene, will go with me and pick me up. I'm optimistic all will go well, but will be so grateful when it's over and I am happily back at home. 

Prayers and wishes for a quiet week in Buttercupland and the surrounding environs.
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