Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fun Time, Summer in the City

I'm loving summer in the city. I like going out and exploring, whether it's a neighborhood I'm unfamiliar with or just my beloved Upper West Side of Manhattan. I walked along Broadway three times over this weekend and every time I found something fun and interesting.

If anyone was looking for a hat for shade the hat vendor was on Columbus Avenue. I had just made a quick visit to the post office and was making my way to Whole Foods. 

I always enjoy the Saturday Farmers' Market, across from Lincoln Center. The veggies looked great...

at all the stands!

Sidewalk dining is fun.

But even in the midst of fresh vegetables,  folks wearing tank tops and shorts and folks drinking iced tea, there was a reminder that the seasons go round...

In the Burberry Store the summer is gone.

As for me, I am hanging on to every drop of sunshine and ice cream as long as I can. 
Sweaters will be here soon enough!

Wishing you a fun time, whether you are enjoying summer in the city or the country!

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