Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feeling (Almost) Groovy

For some reason -- probably the myriad of pharmaceuticals I've ingested in the last few days -- the words to the "59th Street Bridge Song, aka "Feeling Groovy" keep running through my mind. I'm definitely not feeling groovy, but am feeling about as groovy as one can feel with three small punches in one's tummy.

Despite Irene's visit my surgery went on as scheduled. There seemed to be very few operations at the major medical center on Monday and as a result I got a lot of attention. Every one had lots of time to talk to me, and even though the surgery was delayed by hours I had company -- a very nice nurse and several medical students -- television and lots of magazines. I fought to hold on to my glasses and was able to read while I waited.

I'm uncomfortable, but not in much pain. My big concern about pain from the air that was pumped into my stomach didn't materialize and I am very grateful. I have, however, lost most of my voice from the tube in my throat from the anesthesia, but am sure I will fully speaking again shortly. On a more important note, the initial biopsy was negative and my generally non-optimistic doctor is optimistic that the fuller biopsy, due at the end of the week, will also be negative.

My tumor is a somewhat rare one that generally is only found by medical examination. Not often malignant it can become malignant. Mine was found in a routine annual exam, so please don't skip your exams. I had no symptoms and felt great.

Thanks, Jess, for the update on Monday. Love the picture of the men in black and our happy memories. Thanks, dear blog friends for all of your good wishes. Buttercup has lots of blessings to count!   
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