Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Matinee

Somehow I have passed into semi-seniordom without even realizing it. I went from Saturday night being my favorite time for theater and parties to Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure how this happened. It was gentle and subtle, but it's real and I don't think I'll be going back to Saturday night any time soon.

This afternoon, thanks to my wonderful discount theater membership -- Theatermania Gold Club -- for those of you living in New York -- I saw "10x25," part of a series of short-short plays at the Atlantic Theater Company. There were eight plays this afternoon. I really liked half of them, liked three and disliked one. All in all, a good afternoon's entertainment. One of the plays I really liked was a monologue by Kristen Johnston, who you may remember from "Third Rock from the Sun." Her role as a very quirky actress conducting a Master Class was very funny.

The show ended at a very civilized 4:30 PM and if I'd been in the mood, it would have been almost just the time to take advantage of pre-theater fixed price dinners, the New York equivalent of the early bird special. I guess I'm now the early-bird matinee girl. I'm sure I have lots of company!

Thanks for all the great thoughts on favorite childhood reading. You named so many of my favorite books and I am so glad to find a few Cherry Ames fans in the group.

P.S. Still a few days to enter the Purple giveaway.


Marydon said...

Carol, sweet friend ~ So glad to see you had a fabulous weekend. You are fortunate to live in the heart of theater events. I miss the theatre here. Our best 2 theaters closed.

Have a beautiful week ~
Hugs & love,

Barb Hodges said...

What fun! Continue to enjoy your environment. How nice for you to live where you do. Also, I read Cherry Ames, too, when I was in grade school. Nancy Drew was also one of my favorites. I left you one of my poems about purple. I will also mention your contest on my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Mimi said...

Hey, I am 53 maybe not quite seniordom, but Sat. nigth partying is far removed from me!!!maybe a party here or there, but rarely!!!!By Sat. nigth, I am ready for a quiet night at home, much like the rest!!!haha
have a Great week

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've been enjoying those benefits of being a senior for some time now and love it. It seems Saturday nights aren't what they used to be anyway. Hope your Monday is a great one!

Barbara F. said...

My only complaint with Saturday night is that there is NOTHING to watch on TV. My socializing is mostly during the daytime, even going to the occasional movie with a friend, especially in the winter. I couldn't even tell you exactly when it haappened, but it has been a few years and I am 56. xo,

Sybil said...

what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon..wish we had such a good deal on our theatre in Bath.. Sorry I seem to have missed your last two write ups !! My fav. book was probably Little Women I think as it was the first grown up book I grown up I mean proper print no illustrations etc. it even felt grown up to be reading it....still love it and could put my hand on it at any time...!!
Love Sybil xx

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I also like matinees! Since we travel into Manhattan from Brooklyn it's easier to do it during daylight hours--less traffic and so on :)