Monday, May 9, 2011

Have Blog, Will Travel

It's rare that I don't have trips planned, down to hotels, flights and even where to eat dinner. But I think I got so caught up in the Barcelona trip that I didn't move on much else. I've got Rochester planned and a wonderful week in Vermont in the summer for K's son's wedding, but I was stuck on anything else.

Tonight I moved along. I've made my reservations -- flight and hotel -- for Blogger. I'll be in San Diego in August and I'm starting to get excited. Are any of you going to Blogger or do you live close by to San Diego? I'd love to meet any blog buddies who will be in the area.

Not content with one plan, I moved on to the next. I know there are lots of blog friends in Arizona and I'm pretty set on Sedona for next March. I've penciled in the first week of March 2012 and I'm starting to dream of visiting with so many of the lovely people who have become my friends.

Isn't this the perfect place for a blogger get-together with a view of the red rocks of Sedona?

And a third...New York area bloggers, how about a get-together. I know a few folks, but a friend of a friend is a friend and I'm happy to see if we can set something up. We might not get anything together for the spring, but maybe summer or early fall. I think it would be great!

Or a get-together in Manhattan? Or both!

Looking forward to lots of fun in the year ahead!


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

What great plans you have for all of your trips! No, I'm not going to Blogger, but I hope you have a great time. And I wish I could meet you and other NYC bloggers... it would take me a 'couple and a half hours' to get there, so I don't know if I can make it, but I will be sure to keep my eye on future posts to get the details when you make them! ;)

Mevely317 said...

Color me 'excited', Buttercup!
San Diego's just a pipe dream at this time, but Sedona? I'm sooo there ....and would love to meet you.
(Yes, March is a waaaays away, but please let me know if you'd like any help planning n' executing?)

blessedmom's simple home said...

Wow, you are a world traveler! I'm only a few hours away from San Diego, but I'm not planning on going to the convention. It seems life with 6 kids keeps me pretty busy here at home :-)
Have a wonderful week. I love your New York photos. I've only been there once, quite a few years ago.

Sheilagh said...

Great plans:) It is good to have joyful experiences planned. We started planning at the weekend for next year. A trip to the Netherlands and Belgium next April/May to enjoy the bulbfields, chocolate, but more important friends and family. I will be blogging about it later. Then there is the big trip later on, with Trish to New York and New England and seeing YOU again.



Anonymous said...

What exciting plans. I have loved meeting several blogger friends who have traveled near my home. You are in store for lots of fun with these upcoming visits!

Anonymous said...

I wanna come too...but I don't live in NEW YORK...pish.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey you missed the south - what about Atlanta?


Mimi said...

I have never heard of the bLOGGER CONVENTION?????I may be interested in this...and I live in AZ and YES, Sedona for sure, you and I will need to talk more, please spend a few days in the Phx. area, the weather that time of the year is divine and we could see some really fun things!!!!Apache Trail--Tortilla Flats--a Paddlewheel boat tour of Canyon Lake.....RAWHIDE!!!!So many fun things and all within 50 miles of my house!!!!
I can do a day or two in Sedona, if it is days I do not have the babies!!!
But meeting you is a Priority!!!
Love your city too!!!

Teacherfish said...

I live in NY- let me know when!
It's Lemon Ice King time again

Jemi Fraser said...

You have so much awesomeness planned!! Yay :)

Barbara F. said...

Buttercup, I would love a NYC blogger "convention"! I am in! Fall would be better for me. I would love going to Arizona, too! I was there in 2002 but missed seeing a lot of things, like the Grand Canyon and Sedona.

Connie Arnold said...

How wonderful to do the travels and to meet blogger friends!