Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thankful in April...Real Life

My intention for April was to blog daily. But as with so many intentions real life got in the way. It wasn't errands or work or taxes. It was life and death...the core of life that brings me back to what is important and what are the issues on which I need to focus.

I've been very blessed in my work life, both in the things I've gotten to do and the people I've met. "Work" friends have become simply friends and people I go on vacation with, celebrate holidays with and share joys and sadness. This was a week of sorrow and joy. My friend Mike's mother died on Monday and that was the focus of the week.  Wake on Thursday, Mass on Friday and time spent together yesterday, a time of tears, remembrance and laughter.  It has been a time of sadness for Janet's death and a time of thanksgiving and joy for having known her and spending many happy hours at Christmas and summer cookouts, laughing and enjoying her company.

I am reminded once again to be thankful for real life, however messy and difficult that real life may be at times. I am thankful for quiet minutes drinking coffee with friends, chatting about the most mundane details of our lives. In those minutes is the core of a good life...friends, drink to share and peace in which to live our lives. Thank you all, sweet blogger friends, for being part of my life. Hugs and blessings!  
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