Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thankful in April...Broadway Nightlife

I hope I don't disappoint anyone, but this is not a glamorous post. The words "Broadway Nightlife" have a very exciting mood, but this is Buttercup's night on Broadway. I won't be in the newspaper style columns tomorrow, but thought it gave a glimpse of real life in Manhattan.

I live one block from Broadway, in the much more residential section of Manhattan. Lots of baby carriages and families were strolling on a beautiful spring night. To get to my destination I passed a popular neighborhood restaurant. Lots of big parties come here to celebrate.

I passed our Broadway "limo," the #104 bus, my usual way of getting home from the theater. It's not glamorous, but it's sturdy and reliable.

I happily arrived at my destination, Rita's Ices, to use my coupon for a delicious pink grapefruit ice.

It's been a nice day, even though I started out with a little let down. I realize I wasn't a guest at yesterday's wedding, but I felt I had joined all of you and billions of others in a very fun and romantic event and now it was over. I knew I had to get myself up and going and went to services, visited my friend Vivian, who was 89 yesterday, went grocery shopping and had lunch with a friend. I am much perkier and feel very thankful for all that today held.

Tomorrow night is the giveaway announcement and there is still time to enter on the "Tulip-Time" post.
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