Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thankful for April and Thankful in April

I am thankful for April. Despite the April Fool snow yesterday -- big wet white flakes when I got off the train for work yesterday -- I know warmer and brighter days are ahead. I may just get to hang up my heavier winter coat any day now and put away my hat and scarf for a long time.

I am not just thankful for April, but I am going to be thankful in April. Each post will focus on something/someone for whom I am grateful. And as ever I am thankful for the One that brings us through the snows of every season and into sunlight.

Have a beautiful Saturday, dear friends!


Mimi said...

SNOW IN APRIL, now that would seem like a cruel joke huh???
It is going to be near 100 here this weekend, I think it did hit 100 yesterday!!But it is so dry here that it does not feel that hot!!!!OK, maybe!!
have a Blessed Month!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I won't be putting my heavy coat away just yet. I need more warmer days before I can do that. That snow went south and east of us so thankfully we didn't get it. It is good that we can be thankful to the One that gets us through it all! Have a wonderful Saturday!

US said...

It snowed at Easter 38 years ago:) My daughter Clair was born on Good Friday April 20th and there was snow on the ground. We have a beautiful Spring day today and we are enjoying it to the full.Well I Ralph his orders as to what I want done in the



Melissa F said...

I look forward to reading your uplifting posts. We could all stand to be more grateful! :)

Connie Arnold said...

Hope your snow goes away and spring comes to you! It's wonderful to give thanks through all things, and sharing your thankfulness in your April posts sounds like a great thing to do!

Lynda said...

I love the thankful in April blog idea. I have another friend doing something like that now but hers is the list of 1,000 things. She is in the teens.

Country Dreaming said...

Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing what you post about.