Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Absolutely Intoxicated...

...with the glorious first faint whiff of spring. It doesn't look like this yet...

 ...and I am sure it won't look like this for several months. But walking home from the subway this evening was intoxicating and I practically skipped. The aroma of damp earth, the gentle air and big bright moon made for a heady mix. It's a beautiful night in New York. Wish you all could join me here!

Thanks for the very gracious comments about my technological skills. I was a little deflated when I saw the photo sideways, but I will practice so I can get it right. I have a fantasy of sitting at a cafe in Barcelona and doing a blog post with photos. The typing is cumbersome and I know there won't be a lot of text in the posts, but do want to be able to share photos during the trip. Being able to blog from my phone was one of my criteria when choosing a phone and I'm happy to know it can work. This wouldn't have crossed my mind a year ago, but it was something I wanted now. I wonder what I will be wanting when I choose my next phone, and what amazing gadgets will be available.

Wishes to all for a fabulously intoxicating evening!
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