Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland...

...or not!
The view of Broadway from the bus stop earlier this afternoon

For me, it's not. It's a big not! I've never recovered from the winter of 1970-71 when I lived in New Hampshire. There was five feet of snow between Christmas and New Year and it just kept coming. It was also 30 degrees below zero often in January and that didn't include the wind chill. I will however, make every effort to make this my last post of the winter to focus on the weather. 

Despite the snow and wind it's been a lovely day-after-Christmas. Lunch with friends at a Thai/French fusion restaurant -- we stuck to the Thai choices -- and then the big treat of the season. We had tickets to see Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones in "Driving Miss Daisy." The play was wonderful and I especially enjoyed seeing James Earl Jones. I've never seen him in the theater before and it was a great experience. 

Now I'm settling in a for a cozy evening at home. Plans are simple. I am going to make a batch of macaroni and cheese, one of the ultimate comfort foods and then do a lot of blog visiting. Is anything better for a snowy Sunday night than hopping around the globe to visit blog friends? Can't think of much.

Wishes to all for a warm and cozy Sunday night!


Lynda said...

Thanks for finding me. I really love your pictures and excitement about living in NYC. I am originally from upstate NY over 30 years ago. My mom lived in downtown Albany for about 25 years and loved it!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are safely in for the evening. I know you must have really enjoyed "Driving Miss Daisy." What an opportunity!
We have everything we need and do not have to get out the next few days. Our temps are dropping fast and what melted today will be slick as glass tomorrow!
Enjoy your blog visiting.

~Kristen~ said...

Beautiful! Stay warm and dry, I had some snow this weekend too (so crazy considering I moved south to get away from the stuff).

Kathleen said...

Hi Buttercup! Yes, lots of snow here in NY. Out East we got it first, but maybe will end up with a little less than in by you!
Stay safe. And I could do without it too. Causes so many problems!

Mevely317 said...

May I just say, "Wow!" Like the old cowhand, I'm amazed by "your" city, Buttercup.
I think the greatest thing about being cold - reallllly cold -- is the myriad of comforting ways in which to warm up again.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing; I hope your new week contains a few (pleasant) surprises!

Mimi said...

What a fun day you had in the BIG APPLE!!
And I love that SNOW picture!!!
Although I was freezing all day today, had a photo shoot to do outside, it was 62 and I was freezing!!!I am getting sick so that may have been why!!Stay warm, hope to have some of my Christmas pics up soon, should be cleaning up though!!!The house looks like a BOMB went off in it!!!
hugs 2 U,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You certainly have theater options that are unheard of hear in my part of the world. How wonderful you got to go. We had just a little snow but heard that the east coast was going to get quite a bit. Glad you were in for a cozy evening with comfort food!

Country Whispers said...

Oh how I wish we had all that snow here.
Messy to travel in but oh so pretty to look at!
Stay warm & toasty!

Sharon said...

Maybe you don't want to look at blog right now since I'm in sunny Florida! I've always thought being caught in NYC in a snowstorm would be incredibly romantic. If you live there, probably not so much!! LOL! Enjoy it while you don't have to get out!

accidental carer said...

We are watching the news over here in Wales where we are snowed in and iced up. It looks like you are going to have some of the same. Keep warm and safe xxxxxx

Gloria said...

Greetings! I saw your comment on CuisineKathleen that you are in NYC, and I said, "Man! I gotta get over to that blog!!" I am a born and bred Brooklyn, New Yorker, now living in Connecticut. I worked in Manhattan for 20 years before moving to our little house here in CT with my son (and my Mom) and I miss NY so much! Now I can visit you and catch a glimpse of the city now and then. Yes, isn't it so lovely in Dec. with all of the decorations? You took great photos. Plus, you are so LUCKY to live in Manhattan! AND that you saw the play with JEJ and V Redgrave -- lucky you! Well, it was nice meeting you, Buttercup.
P.S. I just became your newest Follower. :)

Melinda said...

Oooooooo Mac and cheese my fav!!!
Glad you are safe and sound--did you have to work today?
Enhoy the snow. :):):)


Carol............. said...

Your picture looks almost like a watercolor painting! I like it.....

No snow here in Arizona...yet..LOL

Chatty Crone said...

I heard you got hit with snow too! Stay warm.

I am going through all my emails and let me say thank you.

You are such a sweet heart - I am feeling better.