Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Time to Nourish Your Inner Goddess Spark

Thanks to our friends at Yoplait via Blogspark I am delighted to host a giveaway for the perfect combo to Nourish Your Inner Goddess Spark. The women who visit Buttercupland are already sparkling, but there's always a day we could use a little extra sparkle. Just leave a comment that shares what makes you sparkle and you may be the recipient of a lovely terry bathrobe, bath accessories and coupons for the very yummy Yoplait Greek yogurt. If that combination doesn't give you some sparkle, I'm not sure what will.

Before I came upon this giveaway I've long been a fan of Greek yogurt. Yoplait's Greek yogurt is super creamy and like all Greek yogurt is packed with protein. Thanks Yoplait friends for the opportunity to nourish our inner Goddess Sparks, and try this yummy yogurt.

This giveaway will close on Sunday night, June 6 and the winner will be posted next Monday, June 7. Look forward to lots of sparkling comments!

Again, many thanks to our friends at Yoplait, through Blogspark for providing the product, prize pack, information and giveaway. They're all as yummy as the yogurt. If you haven't visited Blogspark it's a fun place and well worth a visit.

P.S. The chair in the background was my grandmother's and the needlepoint seat was done by my mother.


Jemi Fraser said...

Wow! This is absolutely awesome!! What a great prize package :) (And the chair is gorgeous too!)

What makes me sparkle? Kids. My kids. My kids at school. Random kids on the street. Kids in TV commercials. They make me smile, make me happy, keep me young & enthusiastic. Love 'em :)

Country Whispers said...

Wow! I have to think on this one.
Do I sparkle....is that what you call it??

Well, I would have to say my kids and family for without them I wouldn't have any sparkle in my life.

That chair looks lovely ( what I can see of it) and I'm sure it holds many memories for you.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Buttercup Sweetie...
I so adore this giveaway. With all that I have been through in the last month + days I would say that my health will make me sparkle. That is what I am looking forward to, good health. I could so use this spa retreat package so please add my name to the drawing. The timing couldn't be better.

I can see from reading your past posts you are having a wonderful start to the Summer season. Looks as though you are out and about and enjoying your beautiful surroundings. Thank you for bringing it to me. As I am still locked in for 2 more weeks it is so wonderful to see the beautiful things going on outside around everyone.

I pray you have a wonderful week. Thank you again for making me smile. Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

Pam said...

What a great chair! Love those with needlepoint seats. Sunshine and my family absolutely make me sparkle! Have a great day!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

MONEY makes me sparkle. Honestly.

I don't sparkle much.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely in! Ahhhhh......the plush robe and fixins' look marvelous. I could use some R & R. :):) What makes me sparkle? Ummm....a juicy romance novel complete with a yummy dominant male (but having a heart of gold), and a heroine that kicks butt and loves to love her man. Yep. That works. And, maybe some Milk Duds to go along with it all. Yaaaaah!

Teacherfish said...

What makes me sparkle?

Cheap eye shadow, lip gloss from the Christmas makeup basket on sale at the drug store in January and the explosion of the non spill glitter container I confiscated since "Fric" and "Frac" were having a Tinkerbell contest in fourth period art class.

Bernie said...

A hug makes me sparkle always.......:-) Hugs

West Side of Straight said...

Having a good laugh makes me sparkle inside and outside! Being with family and friends to share that laughter with! Great giveaway! Love yogurt, and would love to try this Greek yogurt!

Anonymous said...

I was sparkly yesterday when I used my Cricut and Glitter :) Does that count? LOL.

Amrita said...

Laughing with friends makes me sparkle

Unknown said...

Sparkle for me is the beautiful times I have with new friends to treasure with a smile ... & moments of joy with old friends.

You, sweet lady, are one of the sparkles!

What a fabulous giveaway ... I'd love this one, for sure.

Have a beau-TEA-ful weekend.
TTFN , Hugs, Marydon