Sunday, April 18, 2010

Walking My Baby Back Home

During our fascinating history morning in the Maryland countryside today we came upon this fellow walker. I was taken with his odd dog on the left...and then realized he was walking his goat, along with the two dogs. Yes, folks, that is a goat out for a walk. 

I'm home from our wonderful blog-friends weekend in Maryland. The house is too quiet. I want to be back in Marydon and Harold's warm and lovely house, visiting with them and dear Sherry. Just about this time we would be chuckling at our photos, recalling the beautiful tea and luncheon yesterday and our great day at Arlington National Cemetery today. It may have been a nippy April day, but our hearts were warm. 

Buttercup's blessings are overflowing. Thank you Marydon and Harold for the warmest hospitality imaginable, Sherry for your smiles, friendship and laughter and my cowgirl necklace and my new blogger friends, what lovely women. This is a weekend I will cherish for a long time. Of course, there will be pictures! 


Mimi said...

Hi Buttercup, but then NOW I know you have a real name!!!!But for a while longer or forever you shall be Buttercup, as a Buttercup is a very beautiful flower!!!!
Oh my, I sooo wished I had gone on this trip, what fun you girls ,must have had!!!!
I am so glad you got to go and meet them too, Sherry is a sweet sweet gal and I cherish evry moment with her, she is so uplifting and so fun!!!!
I would like to get to meet Marydon one day as so many other blogger gals!!! One day we all shall meet!!!
Hugs sweetie,

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your photos.

He was walking hos goat...too funny.

Country Whispers said...

Sounds like a great weekend and I love the goat picture.

Becky K. said...

It was so lovely to meet you!

I was sad to have to leave before the day was finished....

I'll be posting about Marydon and Harold's wonderful gift of friendship tomorrow.

Becky K.

~Kristen~ said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! And the goat ... we have a walking path with many unusual sights but I have yet to see a goat on it. I think I would have started bursting out laughing.

Glad you had a wonderful trip,

Amrita said...

Oh yes he has a goat too. I thought it was a dog. Cool guy

Ms Sparrow said...

I wonder if he was a professional dog-walker. The goat is adorable but where would he live?

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - a man walking a goat - now doesn't that beat all?

No, your trip meeting your blogger friends beat all.

That was so exciting. Wish I could have come too! Seems like you had a great time.

Can't wait for the pictures.


Andrea said...

It was great to meet you this weekend. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Marydon Ford said...

Oh, thank you, Carol. We so enjoyed you, your company was enjoyable & very welcomed. New friendship blossoming forever ... thank you for coming.

Hugs in love, Marydon & Sherry & Harold

HennHouse said...

Walking a goat?! Too funny!

I've often wondered what it would be like to meet some of my favorite blogging friends...

Nancy M. said...

Funny pic! Walking a goat, lol! Glad you had a good time with friends!