Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Many Days Until Opening Day?

There may not have been a drop of snow last night, but today has made up for it. Lots of snow, though in Manhattan it's not quite the blizzard that other parts of the area are having. Of course there are hours more of snow to come. These two pictures were taken right outside the front door of my building. The big white bump in the bottom picture is a buried car.

I console myself with the realization that spring officially begins in 39 days and that the first home game for the Yankees (against Los Angeles) is on April 11, just about two months away. Somewhere in the next month a crocus will pop its head up and then a tulip or two and then the irises in full profusion. Then this storm, like all the rest, will just be memory. Can't wait!

The Special Gardening issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived this afternoon -- a big thank you to my postman and to Kate for the subscription. I'm about to make macaroni and cheese with whole wheat pasta and low fat cheese and savor a cozy dinner and pictures of gardens and sunshine and swimming pools. Not a bad evening at all.


Anonymous said...

If you need a special guest to go to opening day with you I would be HAPPY to travel from Bedrock :)

39 days huh....I can only hope!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Mac and cheese has to be the original comfort food for sure. We have lots of snow mounds here too. They are not buried cars but piles where the snow plows have shoved and heaved the snow. I used to live in pretty flat country, now I feel like I'm in hill country.

Mimi said...

Oh that is alot of snow!!!!
WOW, it looks so cold, it is nippy here tonight and today, over cast and a few sprinkles, in the 50's low 60's, tonight in the 40's!!!! But I am cold sitting here typing away!!! The temp in here says 70 feels colder!!!!BRRRRR
stay warm
I love mittens and scarves!!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Well...the snow finally arrived, huh? Watched Brian Williams on the news last night, braving the weather. His hair actually moved!
Stay warm...and your supper sounds wonderful!
A new magazine, cozy comfort food, slippers....ahhhh, a great way to end up a snowy day. Blessings dear friend.

Robyn Campbell said...

Hey Buttercup! Not a bad evening at all, is right. I hope you enjoy. And that some snow. It is in the teens here with the temp expected to go down below zero. But no snow. Though we've had a lot. And we're in NC.. What is this weather all about? =)

I can't wait for spring either. Winter, just a memory. Ahhhhhhhh

Chatty Crone said...

Do you have any chocolate at your house? I'd need some chocolate.


Nancy M. said...

Looks like a lot of snow! Try to stay warm!

Ms Sparrow said...

We Minnesotans know just how you feel. Stay strong and stay warm!