Sunday, February 28, 2010

(Almost) Farewell to the Olympics

I braved going outside today, including crossing at the "slush" corner, and I have survived to report back. The sidewalks were clear, the corners tolerable and I wore a pair of non-leaking boots. My hair is freshly cut and colored and I did a little grocery shopping. I am now about to try and find the US-Canada hockey match somewhere in the maze of 115 channels that I receive. What will I do when the Olympics are over? What did I do before the Olympics?

Now it's 6:30 and I have just watched great hockey! Congratulations, Canada and congratulations to the US team, too. Extraordinary playing. I even googled Sidney Crosby, who scored the final goal for Team Canada. Very cute and a great player, and young enough to be my grandson. That is a sobering thought. 

Corgidogmama answered my question about what I will do now that the Olympics are over. I've got a bunch of magazines that arrived in the last two weeks and am also in the midst of reading two books. Still working on "The Help" and "Wolf Hall," which were interrupted by Olympics watching. 

Just two years to the 2012 London Olympics... 


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Well.......guess there's always the library or Amazon! Enjoy the last of the festivities.

Mimi said...

Oh we are SOOOOOO Excited for this BIG Match up!!!!
It is so HUGE!!!!
As big at the 1980 Miracle on Ice game???? Maybe!!!
Well now almost all teams are fixed up with pros, when in 1980 our USA team was mostly young college guys competing against MEN who were probably pros!!!!!
But this is an amazing game to be seen!!!!
I will be glued to the tv waving my American flag screaming my mouth off!!!!!
Go team USA!!!!!!!!
but both teams are great and I will not be sad either way!!!!

Marydon Ford said...

Wellll, there is always US to enjoy & chat with, chuckle!

Have a beautiful week ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Chatty Crone said...

Well hopefully spring is right around the corner and you will be able to go out and get some more pictures of New York to share with us.


Esme said...

Years ago one of my girlfriends represented Eric Lindros-she would always tell me how cute he was-he was when he first hit the NHL and then we would laugh that she was his lawyer and she was older.