Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby, It's -- Really -- Cold Outside

Alaska 2008
It's not this cold outside, but to my very unacclimatized body, it feels this cold and I feel that I should be dressing the same way I dressed for Alaska, with scarf, socks and gloves. Every year, just about October 1 I feel the same way. I am shocked that it's time for wool and gloves. But it's time. Monday was about 70 degrees and if felt balmy. This morning it was in the 50s and it just felt cold. I know that refusing to dress properly won't keep the nice weather. In fact I will just feel worse, but the thought of bundling up in layers is especially difficult this year. I am fighting the waning of sunshine and the short days. I have been fighting desperately, but as of tomorrow I am officially giving up the fight and I will put on a turtleneck -- one of the dozen I have. My neck will be next be seen in May!
Midweek update -- Still no word from Rachael Ray. I feel my time with Martha last week was enough television for now. I may send another note to Rachael, but I am very content with my two television show visits for this year. I am delighted to note that I was able to decorate the blog for autumn. I think it looks properly festive. Next is something for my office.
Hope everyone is having a good week. Hugs and good wishes to all!


Bearly Sane said...

You'd better hop on a plane and come down to OZ! It's really beginning to warm up here ... I love Spring! I'm finally putting the winter wardrobe to rest and getting into shirt sleeves again.
Your new blog background looks great! Do you change your background each season?
Thanks for stopping by today and entering my GIVEAWAY ... does my heart good to see the entries rolling in at last.
Warmest hugs,

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oooo, it's fall in Buttercupland!!! At last!

Debra said...

Love your new autumn look! My husband and I are planning to visit there the last week of October. I hope it won't be too very cold. 70 degrees is freezing to me!

Any tips on how to get tickets to Letterman's late show?


~Kristen~ said...

Did you hear that futher upstate they actually had snow yesterday? Yup, you heard right ... snow. But from going to school up there, this seems very typical to snow around Oct 1st and then it warms up for a bit. Stay warm out there ... bundle up cause I know how the wind can make it feel worse.

Unknown said...

Yep, tis now 32ยบ as I type...the furnace is roaring and coffee is perking...

Happy First Day of October!☺

Chatty Crone said...

Oh that picture of Alaska brings back memories - except it looks a lot colder there in that picture then when I went!

It's funny how fast we go from summer to fall isn't it?

.Homemakers Tales said...

Hi Ya the autumn theme yes its chilly here too and i,m getting out the woolies !!! Kieren x

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Acceptance. It's a big thing. You're well into Autumn now dear Buttercup!
It's way too early for how cold it is!
It's a real shock to the system isn't it? Did you see the fireplace on Penniwig's blog today? I wanted to pull up a chair to it. I refuse to turn the heat on yet....eventho it was in the 30's last night in northeastern Indiana.'s here, it's cold, and we are not ready!!!

k and c's mom said...

Love the fall look and envious of the cooler weather. Hot chocolates all around!

LV said...

A wonderful Alaskan glacier. I got to see some of those once on a cruise. Such a beautiful part of the world.