Sunday, July 26, 2009

Denzel and I -- Perfect Together!

You may be wondering what Denzel Washington and I have in common? On the face of it nothing. I've never met Denzel, so I don't know if we like the same books, movies or places to travel. Do we both like red wine? Frozen yogurt? Doing crossword puzzles? Those are affirmatives for me, but maybe not for him. The one thing we share, he played a middle-aged civil servant in "The Taking of Pelham 123", and I am a middle-aged civil servant. Not much, but I'm happy to have one thing to share.

"The Taking of Pelham..." was not my first choice movie, but my college roommate Jane wanted to see it and in this time of summer, when the choices are few for folks older than sixteen, I agreed. Generally I don't see scary movies, and the first half hour of this one really scared me. I stuck it out and liked it. Great shots of New York City and as someone who loves mass transit, I found the train scenes fascinating.

But my most compelling thought was that it was great to see the lead, a middle-aged civil servant depicted as handsome and smart. I'm coming up to my 21st anniversary in government this week and I've met a lot of civil servants along the way. Some of the brightest and hardest working people I know work in government. Some of our colleagues are less bright and less hard working, but I don't think that's unique to government. I like seeing the media depict folks who are 40+ as intelligent and attractive, and in this movie Denzel is both. It's a rare moment when I write a thank you note to Hollywood, but this is one.

Wishes for a great week!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

I think that anything Denzel is in, is worth watching.
Civil service has to be one of the toughest jobs out there, and least appreciated. Kudos to you and your comrades. Hope you're ready for work tomorrow!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well, I don't watch movies, but you say it has train scenes in it...hmmm...might have to break down and see the movie...!!!

I'm afraid that in our society, only youth is appreciated...a lot is lost that way...

debbie said...

Dear Buttercup,
I AM STANDING UP APPAULDING YOU......wonderful post.
Civil Service is a very tough job and CONGRATULATIONS on soon to be 21 years of service!!!!
I thought this post was amazing...and I hope it finds it way to someone who can do something about it.
Denzel Washington is a brillant actor and I like the roles he chooses to take....I am not a movie person but if I see something being advertised that is like this civil servant movie I will watch it when it comes to TV. The cost of a movie is outrageous....I think actors are way over paid....and it matches their ego......
It was so good to talk to you again
angel hugs

Amrita said...

I like Denzil Washington...he is funny

Chatty Crone said...

Your absolutely right in what you say. Why do we have to be thrown out at 40 and 50 - that's just when we are getting started!
Great about your job - and 21 years in this day and time - amazing.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Sweet Carol! I got my book today at a perfect time....I have been so down lately and can't seem to find my way back up. THank you so much for your thoughtfulness, prayers and sweet thoughts!
I was so sorry to read about your Aunt. I know that even when it is expected, the death of a loved one is never easy. I will add prayers for you and your cousins to my nightly regimine.
I'll have to check out the movie with Denzel. For now, I have a wonderful new book in which to get lost for a bit. Thank you again for the escape!

Elizabeth said...

I just watched the original film On Demand. Since I can't go out to movies I have to wait for Netflix. I'm glad to read your positive review. I agree, it's really difficult to find movies for a thinking, more adult audience. I enjoy a goofy, foolish movie, but not for $9.00 or more!