Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Not All Bright Lights, Big City

I don't want to be misleading, but living in New York City isn't all glamor all the time. Sometimes, like tonight when I was changing subway lines going home, it was the bright lights of Times Square that you see above. But, that's only a part of the story.

Beginning in July of 2005 my office moved across the East River to a very gritty part of Queens. I was distraught. I gave up my view of the Statue of Liberty and my beloved Lower Manhattan for car repair shops, empty lots and razor wire. I am grateful for my friends who listened to me whine about the new offices (and sometimes still listen), but it's not been an easy transition.

There has been one plus. I discovered just three subway stops further into Queens two new favorite stores. One is Deal $5 and Less, the source of all cleaning supplies, sandwich bags and
plastic cups. And the others is Michaels. There are no Michaels in Manhattan and I'd never been in one until about two years ago. I can happily wander through the store looking at ink pads and scrapping supplies and having a fine time, which is exactly what I did tonight.

Now if this was a novel instead of a blog the ending of this post would be very different. The heroine -- me -- would have learned the lesson that she can be happy anywhere and in the last chapter finds the office is moving to a more wonderful area in Manhattan than the one she left. Alas, but it's real life and I'm still working among the car repair storefronts and empty lots. But even in the worst collection of fat dark rain clouds there are still streaks of silver in the linings. In these clouds I have found discount dish washing detergent and the inspiration for home made cards. So yes, dear and gentle readers I am a very lucky duck!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

GIRL! Make sure you get yerself that 40% off coupon each week for Michael's! It makes it even more fun to go there. Now, I don't know how it might be in New York...but here they put the coupon in the Sunday paper, in the ad section, in a little booklet about Michaels that shows the ads for the week there. I *think* you can go online and sign up for an electronic one, too...not sure of that, I know they are talking about it, though.

I would NOT like your work location with all the scary razorwire and such! But then, what am I saying, all of Midland looks pretty grubby and ugly. The only pretty spot is the little community college campus. Everything else looks all broken-down and dirty.

MiMi said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your sweet comment on my recipe blog. I have not been as faithful to update either of my blogs recently, but I hope to be back in full swing very soon. I hope you'll stop by again often!

Have a great Memorial Day!