Friday, February 6, 2009

So long, D.

This afternoon we had the last of several going away parties for a colleague. Our desks for the last four years were eight feet apart. Dolores was generally the first person I would greet in the morning and we probably spoke at least 100 times every day and had for over 11 years. To say she was an important part of my life was an understatement. She was the Administrative Assistant for our group and I know I will only begin to see all that she did in the next few weeks and months when she is not there.

I got to give a speech at her party and so many memories of the last 11 years came to me. I spend a lot of time at work and many of my colleagues have become friends. I am looking to retire in the next five years and these days of saying so long to D. -- I can't even write good-bye as it sounds too final -- feel like a foreshadow of my own leaving.

Some of my notes...When we hired D. I hoped for someone capable, with a good phone manner who would be nice to our customers. I hoped the person would stay for at least two years. After the interviews, my colleague, Michael said I think Dolores will work out well. How right he was.

And so in 1997 it began through...two office moves, birthday parties, lotto tickets, programs in senior centers and church halls, UREQs, DCRs, 6,000 post-its, 2600 time sheets, 10,000 file folders, weddings, babies, a million phone calls, two million hysterical phone calls, A day of infamy, Days of joy and all the other days that made up our time at work together. Dolores, we will miss you so much!

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Stacey said...

Aw what a precious tribute to your friend Dolores. I am so sure that she knows just how loved she is and will be missed. You know she wouldn't have stayed somewhere for so long if she truly didn't like it and love the people that she worked with everyday. Our co-workers are so much like family to us, after all, we spend a majority of our time with them. Administrative assistants are wonderful and I truly believe that they keep the "company" running with all of the multi-tasking and responsibilities not only with the employees, but the public as well. For me, I see it in the school secretaries. Most schools would not function if it were not for them. :) What a blessing in getting to work with Dolores and become friends with her. What a blessing you have been in her life as well I am sure! You certainly are a huge blessing in mine!

Hugs and blessings,