Thursday, February 26, 2009

49 Days until Opening Day -- Photos to Follow

In an effort to honor my responsibility to blogworld I decided I would carry my camera with me about my daily life. Today was the first day of this new practice. Part of the day was spent going to Yankee Stadium as part of a work assignment to look at the bus stops. I took lots of pictures. Some were for work and some were taken with my bloggy friends in mind. I took care of the work part and then proceeded to leave the camera in the office.

Since I have no pictures of today's activities I will share three facts. I work in a transportation agency and I am often looking at bus stops. I am a great baseball fan and my favorite team is the Yankees. Started following them in the fifth grade -- Mickey Mantle era -- and haven't stopped. I also like the Mets and am one of 804,000 people (no kidding!) that has entered a lottery to be able to buy tickets to the opening day game at the new stadium. It is officially called CitiField, but I will always call it Shea Stadium. My third fact is that if during my college years anyone had predicted I would be inspecting bus stops and getting paid for it, I would have laughed without stopping for days. And a bonus fact, I was a Religion major in college and loved studying religious history and ethics. It's been a long way from St. Anselm to bus stops.

Please share a fact with me! I am so happy when I have visitors here and want to get to know my bloggy friends.

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Howdy there Buttercup...inspecting bus stops, hmmm, sounds interesting! They could get torn up and no one would know if someone doesn't inspect them. Our city just got bus service a year ago. Mainly the "bus stops" are just a pole with a small sign on them. They are not shelters of any type yet.

I don't have any interesting facts handy...I went to LSU many moons ago, I guess that's a fact!