Friday, January 30, 2009


Somewhere early in this decade I developed terrible insomnia. I had always been a very sound sleeper, so this was a new and unwelcome development. I'm sleeping better now, but not back where I had been.

I started to enter contests in the small hours of the night. Lots and lots of on-line contests. I've never won anything enormous -- a trip or a car for example, but I've won some fun things and love my sunglasses from Elle Magazine and the books I've won for my book club friends. Tonight's surprise in the mail was mascara from Lucky Magazine. It was a nice surprise to come home to on an icy and cold night.

It got me to thinking about luck. Before I started entering (and winning) contests I'd never thought of myself as an especially lucky person. And yet when I reflect I am far beyond lucky. I am blessed with great good fortune. Have all my prayers and wishes come to reality? The answer to that is no. Some of the great prayers of my heart are still unrealized. But to have the love of G'd, a warm home, a job that provides for my needs, friends, family, the good fortune to be an American and yes, the sweet little things of life -- whether it's mascara in the mail, my favorite key lime pie or a new paperback novel -- I am indeed lucky.

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Stacey said...

So many times we tend to forget just how truly lucky and blessed we really are, especially when our hearts are heavy with burdens or struggles with our answered prayers. My list of things that I am lucky for would be very long too. Thanks for reminding me just how important the little things in life are and that my ilfe is so richly blessed. After all, I have a great blog friend right here in you! :)

Have a great weekend! Keep us posted on what contests you have entered and what you win. Those contests sound really neat.

Sorry to hear that you are not sleeping well. It is troublesome when our bodies are ready to do something else when we are not. Hang in there. Maybe talk to your doctor to see if they can help you out. :)

Hugs and blessings,