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It's a Biltmore Estate (Gift Shop) Pink Saturday


Sleigh bells ring at the Biltmore Estate

About a month ago, though I can't believe it was only last month, I had the amazing good fortune to visit the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. The weather was glorious and Asheville and the Smoky Mountains were glorious. I've visited the Biltmore years ago, but but it seemed more impressive than I remembered. I also had no memory of a gift shop, though I'm sure there was one, and now there are a number of pretty and well stocked gift shops. 

The house -- more like mansion -- and the gift shops were already decorated for Christmas, though the estate was still in an autumn mode with no holiday decorations. No surprise, I took a lot of pictures, both in the stores and the house. This is the first of the Biltmore posts and I plan to do one on the decorative details of the house and one on the Christmas trees found throughout the house. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without the Nutcracker

I found this pink decorated hippo in the toy store and knew it would
 be part of a Pink Saturday post

Of course, a Christmas post needs Santa 

One of my favorite trees out of dozens

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a good weekend. The week ahead is busy, busy with a number of visitors, so I used the weekend to get going on sorting pictures, getting out the snowpeople and organizing cards. I mailed my first package and bought stamps. I'm pleased to say I even paid a visit to the gym. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, too, and a good weekend. Here's to the season ahead!

As ever, thanks for visiting and wishes for a great week. 


Deb J. in Utah said...

The Biltmore looks like a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope you have a good week! See you again soon.

Lynda said...

Bill and I went a few years ago, too. It really is super impressive.
I don't know if you like "light" historical fiction but if you do, check out "Maid to Match" by Deanne Gist. It gives a lot of history and behind the scenes details about the running of the place - - with a fictional love story thrown in as a bonus. At the end of the book, she tells what parts are fiction or fictional characters based on the daily running of the house. Those are the kinds of audio books I download on my phone through our public library. I listen to them while doing housework. In addition to learning some new things, it also makes the mundane repetitive chores pass quicker and not seem as boring.
Guess I should just be thankful for health and energy to do those things - - right?!!

Marcia said...

Never have been to the Biltmore but I have heard it does Christmas decorating over the top.
We had a good Thanksgiving here with both daughters and their families in attendance. The one fro Buffalo came two days early (Thursday the 17th instead of Saturday) and stayed the full week. It was lovely hosting them.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

I've never been to the Biltmore, but was just reading about it in our latest book club book, The Wedding Veil.
Love the pink hippo.