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Pink Saturday Celebrates Mother's Day


Buttercup and Mom, Winter 1951

I try to stay with using a photograph that includes pink in my Pink Saturday posts, but I'm going with one of my all-time favorite photos of my mother and me in an era when color photographs were rare. It's a very squirmy Baby Buttercup and mom enjoying a sunny winter day in Hartford.

At that time my mother believed that I would be her oldest child and not her only child. But to my parents' dismay, no other children followed. I'm not sure when I went from oldest child to only child, but I never got the little sister I so fervently hoped for. It was the 1950's and most families had two, three or four children. From time to time someone, very inappropriately, would ask my mother why she only had one child. I remember her answer that other children hadn't happened, but that she thanked G'd for her one. 

Of course children don't get to pick their mothers and the luck of the draw is not always kind, but on Mother's Day and every day, I thank G'd for my one mother. I'm grateful, too, for the many women in my life who were role models of kindness and love, but especially grateful for the mother who loved me, raised me and encouraged me. If I'd been given the opportunity, I very much doubt I would have made a better choice. 

I hope that all of my Buttercupland friends had a sweet day, whether it was celebrating or remembering. I was grateful for sunshine today -- after two cold and rainy days -- and seeing an off-Broadway play I very much enjoyed. 

As ever, thanks for visiting, and wishes for a good week.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The picture of you and your mother is priceless. I'm sure it is a treasure for you. Mothers are such special people. Where would we be without them? No where for sure.We started warming up on the weekend and for the first time in a while we are supposed to have a week pf warmth and sunshine!

Billie Jo said...

What a beautiful photo! I love looking at photos and thinking about the people in them and the lives they led that very day! Beautiful!!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

This was a loving post to your late mother, Carol. As for being an only child, you undoubtedly were loved all the more. My husband was also an "only" and has told of his wonderful childhood.

DeniseinVA said...

It is a beautiful photo of you and your Mom Betsy. Our son was an only child and I have heard all the nosy questions, and received extremely hurtful and judgmental statements, all wrong. It really is none of their beeswax is it, a great expression my dear Mother-in-law used to use and one my own dear Mother would have enjoyed? I think this lovely tribute to your Mom goes a long way to showing her love for you and you for her. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

Theresa said...

What a beautiful picture of you and you Mother! Squirmy girl:) I had a great Mother's Day, I only had one baby girl in 1973 and she kept me plenty busy. I was young and broke, one was a plenty. These days looking back, I wish I had more:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!