Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's TLC (Book Tour) Tuesday

Like so many things in CyberLand I have no idea how I discovered the Facebook group for TLC Book Tours, but happily I did. I stayed at the edges at first, adding a comment from time to time. But in the last month I've become more active and am so enjoying it. There are book giveaways, reviews and a wonderful group of readers. 

TLC Book Tours arranges virtual book tours for authors, which are among my favorite blog events. I spent time this afternoon looking at the website and found a number of books I'd like to read. I know it's going to be a favorite stop for book browsing.

I'd like to share two new posts at Coffee Light and Mysteries (Mostly) Noir, I found some great mysteries that take place on Mackinac Island, including Heart of Ice. I've almost finished it and am enjoying it very much. Great characters, a good mystery and a return trip to Mackinac.

During a trip to the bookstore last week I also discovered Francine Mathews' Death in the Off-Season, which takes place on Nantucket Island. Nantucket is near the top of my to-visit list. Unfortunately a visit there isn't on the schedule, but happily, I can get to Nantucket via reading. I'm looking forward to reading this -- with thanks to James Taylor -- and going to Nantucket in my mind.

What's on your summer reading list?
I spent a quiet day today, but I got to the gym, paid bills and had a nice walk along Broadway. Tomorrow's treat is a manicure. My poor cuticles will be very grateful.
As ever, thanks for visiting and keep cool! 


Denise said...

My summer reading list has been artsy. 'Stealing the Mystic Lamb' and 'Selling Russia's Treasures'. Both books inspired by vacations I've taken. I'll be adding your authors to my TBR list.

From the Kitchen said...

I'm slogging through The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes for my Muse group. The maestro of the NWI Symphony will join our group for the discussion of Shostakovich and that should make the read worthwhile.


Crystal Collier said...

LOL. My summer reading list... I'm critiquing 2 books right now and reading 2 others. There's no list, just what I'm doing. I'm not big into mystery, but the urban fantasy loaded on my kindle is providing all kinds of happiness. =)

Melinda said...

My standard Contemporary romances.
I have found ones in two of the series
I have been reading.

Trying to stay cool too.

M : )

Susie said...

Buttercup, I admire those who can make themselves read. I used to be a very good reader, read lots of books through the years. But I almost have to make myself read. The book has to grab me from the start. Blessings to you. So fun you got to be with you good friend on Saturday. xoxo, Susie

Elaine Sipos said...

Right now reading Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom. She also wrote The Kitchen House which I loved. Highly recommend both.


Still working on Finding Elizabeth.