Sunday, April 10, 2016

G Is for Greenwich Village...The One to Beat

The inspiration for this year's theme for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge came during a conversation on Tenth Street in Greenwich Village. The Wikipedia link I was about to share said that this area wasn't part of the Village and was more rightly part of the Lower East Side. But I, and just about everyone I know considers East Tenth Street and Fourth Avenue, where the Manhattan location for City of Saints Coffee Roasters is located, the East Village, including City of Saints. Enough geography, let's get on to coffee.

Though the outside is very plain, the d├ęcor is not. If it were feasible and wouldn't require most of my retirement savings, this is what I'd like my kitchen to look like. 

A small, but well curated, selection of refreshments, including bread from Bien Cuite (not pictured). 

The coffee, about as good tasting as iced coffee can be.
 I know I may find better in my travels around New York City, but this is the coffee to beat. The beans -- locally roasted in Bushwick, Brooklyn -- are from the Misty Valley in Ethiopia. The flavor has a fruity taste -- not unlike in good wines -- and the official description is "blueberry, vanilla and hibiscus." I need a return visit to sample the hot coffee and other enjoy other coffee beans. Without a doubt, this is an A, and an extremely pleasant place to read the newspaper and drink coffee.    

This mural is the view from the window of City of Saints.
I'm back a little later tonight to do "H. I'm not by habit a daily blogger and this is tough for me. Real life keeps getting in the way. But with my post for "H" I'm caught up for the A to Z Challenge and I can start the week properly tomorrow with "I." The selection for "I" may be a contender -- the reviews are good -- and I'm eager to sample iced coffee there.
So much coffee, so little time... As ever, thanks for visiting! 


Denise said...

Happy to see your post and know you are still going strong. Makes me wish we had more coffee shops around here.

shortybear said...

good post

Paula Kaye said...

Another wonderful cup of coffee to read about!


What a view. THat mural is wonderful. And reading the paper sipping your favorite cup of joe is an art form lost on today's kids. Blueberry and hibiscus sounds interesting indeed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Mmmm...that coffee does sound good.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I might be wrong but I think this is your first "A". It must be mighty good, and yes, we would all love go have a kitchen like that.

Elizabeth Los said...

Ok, I must be hungry. By the way, your other post with the Irish Coffee looked SO good. Now I want to try one.
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