Monday, June 8, 2015

"Steel Magnolia" Fans, Please Stand Up

For the last five days I have had a terrible case of Bloggers' Block. I don't know if such a condition really exists -- though if I googled it I would probably find a dozen/hundred/thousand links. Despite having lots of pictures and ideas, I couldn't sit myself at the computer and actually compose a post. I've come up with my own remedy for this malady and I will post every day this week, Monday through Saturday, and I'm not going to overthink my posts. It might be a book I like, some issue in the world or a simply a picture I've taken during the day.

While I was avoiding blogging this evening I watched "Steel Magnolias" for the five thousandth time, and as I type it's on in the background again. My first thought whenever I think of "Steel Magnolias" is that I cry my eyes out, and for the most of the movie I didn't shed a tear. But at a certain point -- no spoilers, here -- I just started sobbing. My question of the night is: "Is there anyone in Buttercupland that doesn't cry her eyes out when watching this movie? Anyone, at all?

I did a little research and found this interesting article that ran last November in the "Huffington Post" to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the movie. One line from the article especially struck me, that "there is no movie that better epitomizes the bond of female friendship." The movie epitomizes, celebrates and toasts friendships through the years, happy and tragic times and yes, I will cry every time I see it.

Two other thoughts on "Steel Magnolias"...

I love Sally Fields and I think she was my favorite member of the cast, and then I think of Dolly Parton and then Julia Roberts and on and on and I realize without any one of the actresses it wouldn't be the sweet, tender movie I love.

One of my darling younger cousins is named Shelby. I'm in good family company with my adoration for this movie. Any other Shelbys in Buttercupland?

I've busted through my Bloggers' Block -- hurray -- and it feels so good. Can't wait to see what will pop into my head tomorrow!

As ever, thanks for visiting and have a great week!


Mevely317 said...

... and I thought I was the only one! (Suffering from Blogger's Block, that is.)
I know it sounds as if I've been living under a rock, but for the life of me I can't recall ever having seen Steel Magnolias.
Bridges of Madison County never fails to have the same effect on me.

Looking forward to 'seeing' you tomorrow ... and the day after!


No question the camaraderie of these sweet ladies makes for a real tearjerker. Glad you got your mojo back. Blog on.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Friends are wonderful and I'd have to agree that movie does epitomize it well . Will be looking forward to whatever else shows up in your posts this week. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

Simply Linda said...

I think, jmo, that we all suffer from time to time from writers block. Loveeeeee the movie. Nice to see you Buttercup. Blessings

BJ PUP said...

I'll have to watch again. I don't remember all of the details.

Wandering Wren said...

Oh Buttercup I am glad to hear you are facing your minor problem head on, my inbox is open, ready and waiting and whilst I don't always get to comment I do love to read :) Standing by!!!
Hope you enjoy a blogtastic week

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I think Shelby is a good Southern name--I've known girls from the South with that name. I'm surprised it didn't take off as one of the most popular names after that movie. Whenever I hear the name Shelby, I can see Sally Fields talking to Julia Roberts, hear her voice, see those expressions on her face. It's not just a film about friendship but also about family. The mother daughter relationship is so well-defined in it. Now I want to see it again!

Theresa said...

Love the movie and Sally Field! I don't like to cry, so... I don't watch movies that make me cry more than once:) Happy you are tackling the blogger's block:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Paula Kaye said...

I haven't seen the movie!! I guess I should put it on my list of movies to watch. Like have a TBR list with my books!

Kerin said...

It's been years since I last watched the movie. Maybe this summer we'll have to have a girls day and watch it.
Thanks for the link, and the reminder of a good movie :)


Joy said...

Maybe I have to see the film. Haven't seen it yet. I think we all experience a dry blogging period once in a while, but doesn't matter as long as we enjoy other things in life:)

From the Kitchen said...

I think all of the characters were inspired by my southern family!! I once insulted my mother by comparing her to Olympia Dukakis!