Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Across the River to the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum a la Google color  

There's a lot to do in Manhattan and I know I could keep busy every day of the year with all that's offered. But I still need to get off my island and visit the rest of New York City. On Sunday I paid a visit to the Brooklyn Museum and had a wonderful day of art and sightseeing.

The art was great and brunch was a terrific treat. The trip was inspired by a discount coupon for brunch at Saul, the new restaurant at the museum. We toasted my friend Mary's birthday and it was a very special occasion.

This is Georgia O'Keefe's depiction of the Brooklyn Bridge, which links Brooklyn to Manhattan. I've been to the museum before, but have no memory of ever seeing it. That's one of the things I like best about revisiting museums. I see things either in a new perspective or realize I may have walked past a painting a dozen times, but this time it's speaking to me. 
This is a statue of Robert Fulton. He linked Manhattan and Brooklyn long before the five boroughs became the city of New York. In the early part of the nineteenth century Brooklyn was still mostly rural, including the downtown area.
One of my favorite parts of visiting the museum are the wonderful tile sculpture in the subway station. This one caught my eye on this trip.
A trip to a museum isn't complete without a stop at the gift store and the one at the Brooklyn Museum is terrific. We'll be back on Pink Saturday to see some of the treasures I found. 
I hope everyone is having a great St. Patrick's Day. It's just about spring here, but tomorrow we're back to winter coats -- but not for long!
As ever thanks for visiting and take good care!  




Love that first picture of the museum. Always so nice to visit. So much to see and learn. Also like that tile sculpture. The face is haunting.

Kerin said...

Lucky you!
You have such wonderful museums to visit and enjoy, and so close by too.

Have a great rest of your St. Patrick's day :)

Terra said...

You are surrounded by cultural opportunities on all side and you are taking the time to enjoy them.

Simply Linda said...

Beautiful. One day, sigh. One day. (I say that a lot, lol)--Blessings

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love that picture by Georgia O'Keefe. Looks like stained glass windows. A very nice way to celebrate your friends birthday indeed. We too are back to winter coats, but at least we had one day without them and more to look forward to.

Melinda said...

Great visit. Love museums.

M : )

Susie said...

Buttercup, I love the O'Keefe painting. You know that the little things mean more as we grow. I love the subway sculpture too. I would love to go to a new museum every week. My feet do last as long as when I was younger. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
p.s. how's your weather there?

Annesphamily said...

I love seeing the work of Georgia O'Keefe. What a talent she was! I love museums. I could spend a day walking around and looking at everything I could take in! Thanks for sharing.