Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Be Kind to Your Joints, You're All They Have

I'm still surprised at ways in which I've mellowed as I've aged. Throughout the years I was never especially open to advice. I saw it as people telling me what to do, and I'm still not keen on sentences that begin, "This is what you should do." But I've learned that my friends and acquaintances often have very valuable things to tell me. I got great orthopedic advice in 1985 that led to the treatment of a painful disorder that had been a problem for years. I'm still appreciative.

I do wish that someone had told my much younger self that our joints wouldn't last forever and to take very good care of them. Very good! I pretty much took my joints for granted and thought that physical therapy could fix any misfortune that took place. This is even after breaking my elbow on a sleety patch of sidewalk in 1996. Putting Ms. Humpty back together again took two surgeries and months of physical therapy. A hot air balloon accident over Park City, Utah did damage to my ankle that still is with me. I chalk these accidents up to fate. But I should have been much kinder to my joints to alleviate some of the daily wear and tear.

I've just finished this round of therapy for my shoulder. To be more accurate my insurance company just finished this round of therapy. I will see if I can extend it, but for now I'm on a break. I'm better, but my left shoulder is not as flexible as my right shoulder. I have learned that a little stretching can go a long way to keeping my joints and muscles closer to where I'd like them to be, and I'm going to incorporate wall push ups into my schedule. I won't ever get back to the flexibility I had thirty years ago and took so for granted, but I'm aiming to keep what I have. I love my joints and they're counting on me. It's the least I can do for them.

Dog Day Afternoon

This picture has nothing to do with the topic, but I like to include a picture depicting life in New York City. This scene greeted me last week outside of my building and thought you would enjoy it.  

I'm trying to catch up on medical appointments and saw my throat doctor yesterday, which took a lot more of the day than I had anticipated. Tomorrow I am going for a cardiac stress test, and hopefully, all will go well. It's not a favorite test -- not many of them are -- but so necessary. 

Now it's time for the gym. As always, thanks for visiting and take good care. 


Simply Linda said...

You know..I carry around extra "baggage" and my grandmother was always reminding me to watch my weight! (little did she know I was anorexic)--let me tell you, walking these hills at college, they about did me in last week for it is the 3rd day of class..and much better..sound advice! Thanks for sharing. Blessings

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Age does bring on some joint problems and the old saying that if you don't use it, you loose it goes a long way. I've found that to be very true. We do have to keep active if we want to continue to be mobile, but I'm trying to be gentle in what I do. Hope all goes well with those appointments.

Nellie said...

My knees are now in that stage of letting me know, loudly and clearly, that they are ready for some times of idleness! Not always the most convenient situations, but no stair-climbing by me, anymore.:(

I, too, am a bit of a rebel. Being told something I should, or should not do, has often brought about an "I'll just show YOU!" response.:-)

I've never seen that many dogs together, on leashes, being under the control of only one person!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I like your photos of the city! And I hope everything goes well with your appointments. Take care of yourself! Hugs!

Sola Scriptura said...

I've learned that I should have taken better care of my body, but I'm working hard to make some good changes. It's a work in progress. I just adore that picture! It's always a pleasure to visit your blog and see bits of your life in NYC!


joint pain is the worst. Some days it seems like nothing will take the edge off. Glad you have a good attitude to deal with yours. LOVE all the pups. CUTE.

Wandering Wren said...

I'm rather fond of glucosamine for my joints!! I saw a dog walker like this close to Central Park when we were there, it would be quite a knack not getting all those leads in a twist, they are very well behaved dogs!
Wren x

Kerin said...

Oh, the joys of aging!
I just explained to my youngest the other day, that his great grandparents died of wearing out!
We do feel the wear of tear of the years, don't we?!

Love, love, love the picture!!!
Living in a small town in Utah, we never ever see dog walkers.... only folks walking their own dogs***smile***.

Have a good day, and best of luck with your Dr. appts.


Sr. Ann Marie said...

I agree--those joints do get rusty as the years add up! And so I just keep going--although usually a bit more slowly! I always love your photos of life in New York City. I feel like I'm seeing it from the stance of a native rather than a tourist.

Deanna said...

Yes, I hear you on the "taking care" of our joints. My knees have been acting up lately and I need to do something about that. Loved the pic of the dog walker. I can't even handle my two let alone eight!!

Ida said...

I know what you mean. Nothing gets easier as we age but staying active is the key to staying as young as possible.

Theresa said...

Hope all goes well with the tests! We sure DO have to take care of ourselves:) Love the dog walking pic! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Maggid said...

I really like your photos . . always makes me happy to visit New York - especially with you.

Thank you for taking Great Care of yourself and sharing the journey with all of us . . .

Excellent Week to YOU
Happy September!!!!