Sunday, July 13, 2014

Farewell, World Cup

I'm still in the midst of sorting out and editing my vacation pictures and I've got some cropping and fixing of the pink treasures I found. But I would be remiss to neglect a mention of the World Cup games. I watched them before I went away, watched them while I was away and kept up after I returned, even though the U.S. was no longer in the competition. I'm a soccer fan -- to distinguish the game from American football -- and have been for a long, long time.

I'm not a great athlete, but as a gym choice in high school soccer chose me. I had hoped to take archery -- shades of Katniss -- but everyone wanted to take archery sophomore year and I was placed in the soccer section. I didn't know anything about the game, but as I wasn't a fast runner I became a fullback. Playing defense was the perfect position for me and I enjoyed it so much I elected to continue throughout high school. I was in England for the World Cup games of 1966 and realized this was the sport the rest of world played and followed, not baseball or American football.

The rest of America has caught up with my affection for soccer and New York was excited with World Cup energy. I took these pictures during a walk to the library, which is nine blocks from home.

The sign is small, but it has the key information..."All Games Live!!" 

As I type this the games are almost over and tomorrow there will be some great playing. I don't presume to predict the outcome. I do know that I will be settled in with a big glass of iced coffee and a fruit plate -- I've been giving my World Cup final game snacks some thought -- eager to watch the game.

I hope you're all having a great weekend. We had lovely summer weather in New York, clear, sunny and not humid. I'm hopeful we'll have more of the same tomorrow.

As ever thanks for visiting and take good care. 


Sola Scriptura said...

A big glass of iced coffee and a fruit plate sounds like a delicious snack for the final game. It sounds like ideal summer weather in NYC. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Theresa said...

I have been watching every chance I get! I too am sorry USA lost out but they played their hearts out! Enjoy your day and your tasty treat while watching the game! Sending HUGS your way!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you have a restful and relaxing Sunday. It's been raining here this morning.

Wandering Wren said...

We're still watching here, for us the final starts at 6am!!! Time for an early night here Zzzzz!
Wren x

Anonymous said...

Fun to learn about your long love of soccer. I have been watching also. Hope you have a very nice night.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My granddaughters all play and were over visiting today. They ran in the house and quickly turned on the a TV to watch.

I hope you enjoyed the game and liked the outcome.


My granddaughter plays soccer. I tried archery once. Found it difficult to pull back on the bow.