Friday, March 15, 2013

Time for Spring Dress-Up...

...and we're going pink this year!

I strolled through Bloomingdale's last week and found some fun pink goodies for the spring. Though the warm weather seems to have slipped away, I know it really is just about here and I definitely need a few little treats. They'll fit right in our budget, because we're window shopping. Won't you join me?

I think these bracelets are really fun, and yes, I'm partial to the pink ones.

I spent some time looking at makeup and I still can't decide which pink lip gloss I've got to have. Let's get all of them.  

I think the men in our lives can use some new clothes. How about...

a shirt...

and tie? Perfect for Easter or Passover

Thanks for joining me. I had a great time and I hope you did, too. We're going to join Pink Saturday. I hope you'll stop over and join the fun, too.  

I'm off for a family adventure tomorrow. I'll be in Providence for a fiftieth birthday celebration for my cousin. Looking forward to some sweet family time. 

Wishes for a pretty-in-pink Saturday!
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