Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unless You're in New Hampshire...

You can still vote!

 It's a right and a responsibility

In the last week I'd almost forgotten that there was a Presidential election today. I hadn't actually forgotten -- how could I? -- but it had slipped behind the immediate issues in New York. But nonetheless I was at my local polling place before 8:00 a.m. this morning. It took almost an hour to vote -- we have a new cumbersome system in New York City -- but I was glad, very glad that I voted. For major elections I always vote in the morning. For a number of years I worked on political campaigns and it wasn't possible to get home to vote in the evenings and I hate to miss the opportunity to vote. 

When my mother was born women couldn't vote and I thank the brave and intrepid women who made it possible for me to vote today. I had the opportunity to visit Susan B. Anthony's home in Rochester and I was awed by her efforts to make sure women could vote. Standing in line for an hour is very little compared to all that those brave women sacrificed.

Susan B. Anthony home in Rochester, NY

As an election footnote, the two Senate candidates from New York are both women who graduated from Dartmouth. Awesome!

If you've still got time, zip over to your polling place and vote! 


Mevely317 said...

I'm encouraged to learn of the large numbers turning out today;
...and was particularly tickled to see my eldest grand voted in her first election! (Something I hope she remembers the rest of her life!)

Nellie said...

Actually, we have early voting in Tennessee, and we voted on the first day the polls were open! I was happy to hear of the efforts making it possible for those who were affected by the storm to vote today.

Theresa said...

I hope things are getting a little better up there, still praying:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Grammy Staffy said...

I voted.... but my heart is broken today

Susie said...

Buttercup...there have been times when I have not wanted to vote for either candidate...but I go ahead and vote, after learning all I can about how they stand on issues...because I never want to lose that right. You New Yorkers are a tough bunch...so proud of you. Smiles to all, Susie