Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest Post from Breezy Point (2)

Mike returned to Breezy Point yesterday to work on the little cottage and sent me this update to share with all of you.

Mike writes:

 Please tell your blog friends I spent the day at Breezy Point. Still much sadness. Some houses were red tagged meaning the premises was too dangerous to enter. My house got a green tag. That meant that the premises appeared structurally sound from the outside. 

 I had my wife and her nephew with me. He is NYPD (New York City Police Department) and was a great help. The Red Cross was there and the Marines! Those Marines were wonderful. They pumped me out and helped with the debris. Semper Fi. 
 We ripped out sheet rock and soaked insulation. The house is still soaked and there is a foot of water in my windows. They look like aquariums. 
 I spoke with the inspector later and he told me I was a low to the ground and it is an old house but from the outside it did well against Sandy. They still have to inspect the inside but we got over one hurdle. 

 There was much activity and the debris is in huge mountains. Much sadness and many are so much more unfortunate that we are. 
 Thanks for your prayers and wishes. Today was a better day for us. 

As always, many thanks from all of us in New York City for your prayers and encouragement. As you can see your prayers extend beyond the blog page and into the hearts and thoughts of my friends and colleagues. 

It's been snowing for the past six hours. It was a wet, heavy snow earlier and now it's much lighter. Unfortunately it's getting colder and it really feels like a January day and not early November. What a week, with both a snowstorm and a hurricane in the last seven days. 

I'm taking a moment for gratitude. Gratitude for my warm apartment that waited for me tonight, for a hot shower and cup of peppermint tea and blog friends to share my feelings with. Sweet dreams, dear friends!


Barbara F. said...

I'm happy for your friend Mike. I am sure with hard work and help he will restore his house. Happy the Marines are there helping out. xo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad your friends house held up and can be repaired but what an undertaking that will be. I can imagine how thankful he was to have the help from the marines. Our military do a lot that many don't know about. It does make one very thankful for what we have. My thoughts and prayers remain with all.

Becky K. said...

That was the first I had heard that the Marines are there. I'm so glad.

My prayers continue for the many impacted by this huge storm.

Thanks for the update.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just had to come by and check on you and see how your doing.
I could not believe the weather report that you guys were being hit by such heavy snow. I am watching it now on the news. Sad so sad. Wish with all my heart I could send you guys some relief and some of this Texas weather.
So glad you shared an update from Mike. I can not even imagine what everyone is going through trying to save their homes. Incredible strenght it takes to do this both mentally and physcially. Glad the Marines are there for them too.
Love our servicemen and women.
I need to try and do a post today would like to mentione your post today so everyone can come by and read it.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, I am reliving the flood at my Sister's house and all of the work we did to restore it! BLESS all of you and may GOD give you all strength to finish the tasks and make it even better than ever! BIG HUGS and continued prayers!

Nellie said...

I am glad to hear of the green tag on Mike's house; however, there is much work ahead for him. There are, as he mentioned, many others who have lost everything! It will take ages for them to replace what is missing. My heart aches for them.

Bobbi and Gracie said...

Praying for all of you...

~Kristen~ said...

Praying for everyone in NYC, NJ and CT. Thank you for sharing your friends note, it's good to hear some progress is occurring.

Susie said...

Buttercup, My heart still aches for all who have suffered. It's hard to not think of it all. I pray God helps turn things a round soon. Hugs to all, Susie

Paula said...

I am so sorry for everyone who has lost their home. I am glad your friend's home will be able to be saved. Lots of hard work, and heartbreak, but to be able to salvage something is good. My heart breaks for the Northeast, first the hurricane and then a blizzard. There is a reason for everything, but I sure can't figure this one out. The only think I can do is pray, which I have been doing - for the folks in the Northeast, for the victims of a recent fire here in Juneau, for folks up north who are losing their homes because of river much tragedy. God bless!

Amrita said...

hi Carol, How are you doing?

Nancy M. said...

It's amazing the damage the storm did! I'm glad you are okay! I've been praying for all those affected and appreciate your friends posts about how the storm has hit his area.