Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful Friday

Yesterday morning while I was chopping and peeling I thought about the things I was thankful for. At first my mind went around the misfortunes of this year and to be very honest, I didn't feel especially thankful. But as I chopped -- and scraped the seeds out of the jalapeno peppers -- people and things came to my mind and by the time I arrived at my friends' house the list was quite long. It's very specific and I'd like to share my top ten things I am grateful for this morning, in no particular order.  

1) My wonderful neurosurgeon, Dr. Snow. 

2) Heat and light! 

3) The New York City Employees Retirement System, which administers the city pension plan. I'm not there yet, but so grateful it exists.

4) My personal technology consultants, Jess, David, Ben and Brandon. 

5) Baby Charlie, my friend's great-nephew who is two weeks old. 

6) Theater tickets that cost $4.50.

7a) Our (recovered) public transit system and 7b) the forecasters at the National Weather Service, especially G., who kept us informed every day during Sandy.

8) The folks at Mike's pizza in Long Island City, who delivered chicken parm sandwiches during a hurricane, and those sandwiches were delicious. 

9) Blog friends, near and far

10) The good health and well-being of all I shared Thanksgiving with and those whose tables I couldn't join, my Connecticut family and my North Country family.  

The cranberry jalapeno relish was a great hit and it will be making a return engagement next year. I'm going to make another batch this weekend to go with the leftover turkey in my refrigerator. I liked our pomegranate drink, but call me old-fashioned, I think I will stick with cranberry martinis. On that note, here's a toast to all for a great weekend!
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