Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pinterest Celebrationfest

Source: via Carol on Pinterest

I love browsing Pinterest. One of my favorite things is to find gooey, calorie-ridden recipes. These are recipes that I would make daily if there were no calories in the world. There are lots of calories in reality, but none in Buttercupland, so this is the place to share some of my finds. I will be featuring some of my favorite choices for luscious calorie filled holiday treats from now until New Year's on Celebrationfest. 

I think you're going to see a lot of gingerbread here. I love gingerbread -- all things ginger -- and don't get enough of it. But I've got a few other treats in mind, and I never know what other treasures I will find on Pinterest. I'm starting with this fabulous gingerbread pudding cake. Calories or no calories, I think I may need to make this. Any other ginger fans in Buttercupland?

I'm off to meet friends at the theater. I will be in the East Village, so I hope to bring back some pictures of New York at the holidays. A toast to a happy and healthy Saturday!
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