Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween on Broadway

There are few things sweeter than a regular, average quiet Saturday afternoon. I treasured my moments of walking in the autumn light this afternoon in my neighborhood. I went to services, did grocery shopping and took a walk. The grocery store is spotty in its supplies and I made sure to restock on milk and toilet paper, two necessities of life.  I also took an afternoon nap and am slowly getting recharged.

I am feeling guilty for not doing something today to help in those areas still suffering so much. But I also know that next week holds long days and I need to get some rest to do the things that I need to do and can best be of service.  

Halloween was my first day back in my neighborhood and I encountered lots of trick or treaters during my errands. Both young and not-so-young folks were dressed in costumes. This entire week has been surreal and the Halloween costumes certainly contributed to this feeling.

Young and not-so-young in costume 

Letter to Hogwart's on its way
There were a lot of princesses on Broadway

This gentleman appeared to be in Mad Hatter attire. 

Update on No-Spending October: I spent a total of $19.75 on things. I bought two Halloween cards, a tube of anti-pain lotion recommended for nerve pain and paper goods, tissue, paper towels and toilet paper. These are all things that will be/have been used and nothing that counts as "stuff," that will take up space. I don't feel that I missed buying anything I needed. I explored my closet and found a pair of pants I'd forgotten I owned and are great for this time of year. I also spent $27.00 cleaning my favorite winter jacket and getting it mended. It looked sad at the end of last winter, but it's looking nicely refurbished and the tailor did a great job matching the missing snap. I'm designating November as Low Spending November. I know there are holiday purchases I want to make, but I will really think before I spend and I will report back here. 

I hope everyone is having a sweet Saturday. I'm off for some blog visits, so I'll see you in Blogland!

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