Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest Travelfest -- Welcome to Iowa!

I have a long-standing goal to visit all fifty American states. Flying over doesn't count, nor does driving into a corner of the state and not stopping for a meal. I had lunch in both Idaho and Wyoming and I consider those visits. They're not long enough visits to see all the things I would like, but they count for the Buttercup list.

I've got eight states left to visit and I will be featuring one of these states each Friday for the next two months. I've had a great time on Pinterest looking at sights, signs and a wonderful assortment of material about my future travels. Some of my pins will be serious and some will be goofy and fun. But all of them make me even more eager to see America.

Featured State of the Week: Iowa

Source: via Carol on Pinterest

Goofy fun, but I couldn't resist. Any Captain Kirk fans in Buttercupland? Any one call Iowa home? I'd appreciate any suggestions on places to visit. I've got no definite travel plans, but hope to do a lot of traveling in the next few years. I also hope to see all the Canadian provinces. There's a lot of miles to travel, but I'm really looking forward to it.     

Wishes for a sweet weekend. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How great that you have seen so much of the USA. I'm the opposite of you and have only visited about 8 out of the 50. I have ridden through about 8 more on my way to my destinations, but I don't really count them either. I've often thought that it would just be wonderful to visit each one of the counties here in Ohio. There is much in my home state that I've never seen. Never been to Iowa but it does sound like fun!
Hope your Weekend is a wonderful one too!

Dani said...

My husband is from Iowa and we've traveled there many many sure to visit the Amana colonies, and the Field of Dreams if you can...
we've traveled quite a bit and gone to all the states in the west...but none past the Mississippi...that is in the future..hope you enjoy it heaven? no, its Iowa...

Theresa said...

WOW, you have been lots of places! I will have to count up how many I have been to! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!


Visiting all fifty states used to be a dream of mine. But unfortunately it will be never be realized. HOWEVER, I wish you well in your quest to DO it. I am so excited for you. LOVE Captain Kirk. IOWA is nice, indeed.

Susie said...

Well Buttercup, I can say I have been to Iowa...It looks a lot like Indiana to me.:):)Corn fields and cows. Of course the Mississippi area is different. Good luck on your travels. I thought your post on your dad was sweet. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

Teacherfish said...

I had a much more modest goal. We tried to spot license plates from all 50 states. Over the course of a year (a trip to DC and the Hoover Dam) we managed to spot 49 of them (including Hawaii- don't ask me to explain- I can't). But we could not find North Dakota. Then one day I ran to the local supermarket- pulled into a spot and a van with North Dakota tags
pulled into the spot in front of me. Surprisingly the driver was not at all impressed with my
unmitigated happiness at the completion of our quest.

Anyway- Live long and prosper-oh wait that might be Mr. Spock

Lynda said...

That's a fun fact about Captain Kirk. We are Star Trek fans - - not the fanatical kind. We liked the old Star Trek shows.
Traveling - - - a lot of the fun is in the planning. Go to for some ideas, too.

Sweet and Savory Eats said...

Well, I'm a born and bred Iowan, so happy to see you visiting? What part of the state will you be in? I've also lived on the eastern side - so here are a few great places

Amana Colonies
Iowa City - great foodie/college city
Anything along the Mississippi river
Des Moines - great up and coming city, good restaurants, wonderful Farmer's Market
Cedar Falls - another great university town, cute downtown area