Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Anti-Bucket List

I love the concept of keeping a list of things I hope to do, and have had a list for decades. Some are taking years to accomplish -- seeing all fifty states -- and others -- visiting the "Cake Boss" bakery in New Jersey -- should be accomplished in the next few months. What I don't like is the word "bucket." I don't like "kicking the bucket" as my goal, but rather these are things I want to do in the celebration of living. It may only be a matter of semantics, but the phrase really bothers me. I prefer to think of the list as my "Living list." These are not things to do before I die, but things to enjoy while I live.

These reflections have two sources. The first is that I did one of the things on my list this weekend -- photos following -- and that it was part of my birthday celebration. Birthdays give me a nudge to reflect and I took a little time to reflect on what activities rise to the top of the "Living list."

Floating to the top of the list...1) Get trimmer and fitter; 2) Visit Bali, which has been on my list long before "Eat, Pray, Love"; 3) Write a novel; 4) Visit all fifty states; 5) See the Aurora Borealis; 5.5) Spend a relaxed month in Italy.

For a long time I've wanted to eat at The French Culinary Institute in Lower Manhattan, but just never got to it. I spent Saturday afternoon with my college roommate, Jane, and to celebrate our July birthdays we indulged in brunch here. That's one of the glories of summer in the city, we just walked in with no reservation. We settled in at the bar to wait for a table and about a minute after we got our iced coffees we had a table where we could watch all the liveliness of Soho while we ate.

My beautiful and delicious salad. We also had mussels.

My birthday begins in one hour and eight minutes. If it doesn't rain I hope to blog a photo of one of my great Living List goals. It's not on the list above, but I'll give you a small clue. I'll be outside in Brooklyn. And as always, inquiring minds want to know, what's on your living list?  


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie...
Happy Birthday to you. With SO many hugs and much love. I wish I was there to celebrate as well.

Looks like you had a lovely luncheon, the salad looks yummy and what a fun luncheon to have. I have heard wonderful things about these culinary institutes and the food that they serve. Some are several course meals. A lovely way to spend time with a good friend.

Let me tell you, you had me at Cake Boss. Oh what fun. I would SO love to go to New Jersey and go along with. That will be the best post. I can't wait for that one.

I haven't made out a bucket list. I did love the movie though. Maybe this weekend, I too will work on that. There are many things I would like to do.

Well sweet friend, many hugs to you, balloons to you, and MUCH love to you all the way from Phoenix. Love, Sherry

Mevely317 said...

18 minutes .... Happppppppy Birthday and happy "new year", Buttercup!

Also wanted to say thanks for prompting me to ponder something worthwhile ... my own "anti-Bucket" concept. Love it!

Country Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Hope it is everything you planned.

Your luncheon sounded like fun.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday! I like your Living Life List idea. And hope your special day is filled with celebrating life and all that is good. Life is such a gift and I love unwrapping it each day. Have a fantastic Friday!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday fellow July baby! Love your Living List analogy. I totally agree and have always refused to call mine a "bucket" list for exactly the same reasons as you. Since I'm a Christian and believe that this life is only preparation for the next life, I've always called my list the "In THIS Life" list. It always reminds me that even though the things on my current list are wonderful, they don't hold a candle to the things I'll experience in the next life.

Tops on my In This Life list are visiting all the National Parks and spending a night in every state capital. My list is very long! LOL!

Chatty Crone said...

You know what Buttercup - if anyone can do their list - I do believe it will be you!

Loved the Culinary Institute.I have been to the one here and had a good time too.

Ms Sparrow said...

Good luck to you on your Living List.
May every birthday find you ticking off another item on that list!

Chatty Crone said...

PS Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday -Buttercup- I'm eating the last of my birthday cake as I type- may the year bring much sweets and no weight gain!
(Teacherfish on vacation!)

~Kristen~ said...

Happy Birthday!

My "living list" is topped with an Alaskan Cruise and to return to your beautiful city for another visit. I had visited the city when I was in high school and never got back (I lived 4 hours north). There was so much I wanted to see but no time to do it so next time I go, it'll be for at least a week so I can do all I want to do.

Have a blessed year :-)

Sybil said...

WELL,,Birthday girl, by the time you get to read this you will be well and truly one year older...What fun the next few years are going to be, what exciting things you are going to see, I can hardly wait to read your every...well almost ! every move !
Love sybil xx

Lynda said...

Happy Belated Birthday! How many of the fifty states have you seen already?
I would like to see the Grand Canyon - - and maybe Niagara Falls. Yes, I lived in upstate NY for 21 years but never saw The Falls.