Wednesday, July 6, 2011

By the Sea, By the Sea...

...By the Beautiful Sea!

For the last little while I've had a terrific desire to go to Atlantic City and walk on the boardwalk. I wanted to sniff the ocean air, see the waves and maybe eat a little fudge or salt water taffy. I'm not sure where this desire came from. Before last Sunday I hadn't been to Atlantic City in twelve or thirteen years. On that trip I went to cheer Miss New Jersey in the Miss America pageant. Miss New Jersey was a classmate of my goddaughter and Jess very graciously let me tag along with her friends. Once again, thanks, Jess! It was a lot of fun. I had always wanted to see the pageant in person and we were delighted that Victoria was in the top ten. But since then I hadn't given any thought to visiting Atlantic City again until this spring. 

One day in the spring I saw a Groupon offer and for $7.00 (!) I was off to Atlantic City. I made the reservation and was set to travel last Sunday. When I woke up on Sunday I was greeted by massive thunder and lots of rain. I thought of staying home, but decided even if it kept raining I could stay inside at the casinos and have fun getting away. I also thought it just might clear and I'd be upset with myself if at noon the day was bright and sunny. 

We arrived at 1:10 P.M. just ten minutes after the sun came out, hot and bright. 

Skipped the taffy and went with a taste of butterscotch fudge.

Loved the colors of the ice cream stand. Skipped the soft ice cream, too. The fudge was just right for my sweet tooth.  

I hope you enjoyed this visit, too. Atlantic City's not my favorite beach -- I'd vote for Hilton Head or if I'm really feeling luxurious, Sea Island -- it was a lot of fun, though a little frenetic for too-frequent visits. And since we're on the topic of beaches, what's your favorite seashore spot to visit?

Wishes for sun, seashore and lots of good times!    


Barbara F. said...

I don't go too often, but when I am in AC I pretty much stay in the casinos, next time I will be sure to take a walk on the boardwalk. My favorite beach was in Hawaii, actually it was a lagoon. I also love Baby Beach in Aruba. That is crazy, you can walk up to these rocks in crystal clear water, see the fish and just beyond those rocks it is rough ocean. xo,

Betty Rubble said...

We're planning a girls weekend away in August...and AC was one of the possible destinations! Looks like its a lot of fun!!!

Sharon said...

Don't you just love those "on a whim, just because I want to" kinds of trips?

I'm not a real beach person except to sit on a deck near one and read while I listen to the surf.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the BEACH and have put my feet in the sand of a few of them, but the beach I see the most is right here on the shores of Lake Erie. In general beaches are wonderful places and I seem to love them all.

SavannahGranny said...

Buttercup, Thanks for your visit. I just popped back over and found a pleasant and fun blog. I love the tour of Atlantic City. I have never been there but I have spend a lot of time at HH, Sea Island and St Simons. I always want to see Atlantic City. Love the ice cream stand and the boardwallk.
I am your newest follower.I want to see where you go next.
Hugs, Ginger

Country Dreaming said...

When we were in Texas we stopped at
Corpus Christi--that's as close to big water I have been too. I was
impressed since we live in the Midwest.


Mimi said...

OH THE JERSEY SHORE!!!MY KIDS would love to go because of that darn tv show!!!I am sure it is NOTHING like that. Love that old boardwalk, I recall an OLD movie about a horse that jumped from a platform into a pool on the jersey shore!!!What a GREAT adventure for you and only 7.00 what a bargain!!!
glad you had fudge, I love it!!
Fav beach
HILTON HEAD --oh that is a Good one, Sea Side is that near Panama City beach???I want to visit Sea Side or Destin too one day....gosh Hawaii has some great beaches, I also like St. Petersburg, Virginia Beach was a good one too!!
I love the beach, speaking of Beach.....just might go there!!

LDH said...

I haven't been to Atlantic City in years but it was where we went each summer before moving on to Wildwood then to Ocean City where we have gone for the past 30 years.

My cousin's daughter is getting married at the Atlantic City Country Club in August so we will be there then.

Happy that you didn't cancel your trip and that the day turned out so nice and sunny! I don't care for taffy either but love Pistachio Fudge! :) I will have to try butterscotch recommended by Buttercup.

Lynda said...

What a good jaunt for a great price! My favorite place for a beach - - not sure - - especially since I prefer air conditioning. There are many wonderful ones in the U.S. - - - - West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, Clearwater . . . . I still prefer a clear stream or river or lake. I like fresh water over salt but the ocean view can't be beat either.

Chatty Crone said...

Look at you - I love Groupon too. You have the very best of times. I so enjoy your pictures. I can vacation through your pictures!

Sheilagh said...

Atlantic City looks like our Blackpool. Great photo's as ever.

Big Hugs

Sheilagh & Ralph.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I went to Atlantic City last summer and enjoyed walking along the board walk. The beach there isn't the best, however.

I went to Coney Island on July 4th--the beach was packed with umbrella's and people! It was nice to see the area has been revived and is clean and safe.

Usually I go to Riis park beach in Queens -it is right acrosss the Marine Park Bridge. The best beach in my life was the one near my husband's hometown in Italy as it was covered with beautiful pieces of sea glass!

Marydon said...

G'eve sweet Carol ~ Not a beachy person up your way ... nothing can compare with the west coast beaches & coast lines. So glad you had a lovely time ... I'll bet that salt water taffy melted in your mouth!

Harold is ok, I have more nose surgery in 2 weeks ... ugh! Foot surgery putting off until fall ...

Hope you had a lovely birthday today, my special friend. All our love & hugs to our wonderful Carol.

Blessings of joys ~
We love you ~
Marydon & Harold