Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thankful in April...Broadway Nightlife

I hope I don't disappoint anyone, but this is not a glamorous post. The words "Broadway Nightlife" have a very exciting mood, but this is Buttercup's night on Broadway. I won't be in the newspaper style columns tomorrow, but thought it gave a glimpse of real life in Manhattan.

I live one block from Broadway, in the much more residential section of Manhattan. Lots of baby carriages and families were strolling on a beautiful spring night. To get to my destination I passed a popular neighborhood restaurant. Lots of big parties come here to celebrate.

I passed our Broadway "limo," the #104 bus, my usual way of getting home from the theater. It's not glamorous, but it's sturdy and reliable.

I happily arrived at my destination, Rita's Ices, to use my coupon for a delicious pink grapefruit ice.

It's been a nice day, even though I started out with a little let down. I realize I wasn't a guest at yesterday's wedding, but I felt I had joined all of you and billions of others in a very fun and romantic event and now it was over. I knew I had to get myself up and going and went to services, visited my friend Vivian, who was 89 yesterday, went grocery shopping and had lunch with a friend. I am much perkier and feel very thankful for all that today held.

Tomorrow night is the giveaway announcement and there is still time to enter on the "Tulip-Time" post.


Lynda said...

It looked like a gorgeous day and the end of the journey was worth the trip to get there!

Robyn Campbell said...

What a beautiful day, dear friend. I love your mode of transportation. Here I ride a horse. :-)

Lools like you had a great time.

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Buttercup,
I think your night out on Broadway sounds marvelous. I feel like I have just gone on that NY jaunt with you. Thank you for taking me along. It was nice to get away from all the snow I see outside me hospital window and go for a walk with you.

I hope you are feeling well and have a great week. Thanks again dear for your comments, love and support. They mean so much to me. Hugs, Lura

Mimi said...

The privilege to call NYC HOME!!!!
You are envied by many.
to you, it is just home, to is a dream!!!
how fun and what a great spring day it appeared to be!!!
you and I were both guests at that wonderful wedding!!!LOL

We are: clamco said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm so happy I found yours and I LOVE your profile statement! I'm a former New Yorker transplanted on another planet called northeast PA where folks seem to thrive on negativity. My 2 year plan is to get out of here and move to sunny Florida, but I guess no matter where I live, I'll always be a New Yorker at heart. I'll be following your blog. Love the photos!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My Saturday night life consisted of the first campfire for the year. I think I'm much more a country girl than I am a city one. Glad you are having some nice weather there. It's raining here this morning but Saturday was beautiful

Kathleen said...

I keep emailing replies and then I realized you are a no reply blogger! Silly me!
T answer your question, it was 34 here last night. Yesterday was sunny, but def sweater weather. Today is look good!

Sheilagh said...

I love this post, real NY, real people, real situations. They are the best. Must visit Rita's when Trish and I come over.




Country Dreaming said...

Great post.
But don't feel bad, I don't know of anyone that
was invited.
Hope your grapefruit ice was good.


Carol said...

Sounds like a great day! And happy belated birthday to your dear friend!
Love your limo!

magsmcc said...

Oh wow- I just called round to say you're welcome for tea anytime in the Land of the (sometimes tearful) Strawberries- and I walk right into my honeymoon photos from 12 years ago! Lucky you! Is that our diner on the corner??!!

LDH said...

Buttercup, I was counting on YOU to bring me back a wedding program or at least a souvenir hat from the Royal wedding! So sad you were not included in the invitation list!

Well, your day did seem like a pleasant and productive one. Hope your week is just as nice! :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Living just off Broadway is kind of incredible!! Very cool :)

The Royal Wedding was lovely! It's so nice for the world to be able to sit down, take a breath and share something happy and elegant for a change!