Monday, September 6, 2010

September Song

It is very hard to conceive that in just about a month I will be back to wearing long pants, wool and closed toe shoes and yes, the dreaded panty hose. I know those days are coming, but today I went out in capris, t-shirt and open toe shoes. I know there will be a few more weeks of clinging to the end of summer, but today it is summer in New York. It is perfect summer, with clear skies, a breeze and bright sunlight. On a day like today winter is only a thought. Just like with so many things...on those rare and special perfect summer days it's hard to conceive that winter is coming and the bright and balmy days will recede. But blessedly bright and balmy days do return.

I spent a lot of today doing catch-up chores. Furniture polishing -- goes hand in hand with silver polishing -- and sorting, cleaning and check writing. I did get out for a long walk and a visit to the bank and grocery. In just two days the Jewish New Year begins. Days of prayer and afternoons with friends. Lots of cooking, eating and enjoying each other's company.

I also did a lot of blog visiting today and hope to do some more later. One of my regrets for this year is not being able to visit as much as I would like. I am hoping to be a more frequent visitor in the months ahead, but am not sure that will be a reality. Please know that you are all often in my thoughts and my prayers. Our services last approximately four hours on both Thursday and Friday. I will be happy to offer any special intention in my prayers for any of my blog friends. Please let me know if you have specific requests.

The harbor at the World Financial Center, Lower Manhattan 

Park, Lower Manhattan 

The promenade along the Hudson River

The photos are from a long, lazy afternoon in Lower Manhattan last month. Had lunch overlooking this lovely harbor scene -- the tall buildings in the photo are New Jersey -- and then strolled through the park. 

Wishes for a sweet September!


Terra said...

I like all the greenery you capture in these photos.

Jane said...

Oh, this brings back wonderful memories for me!


Rettakat said...

When I think of New York, Manhatten, New Jersey... I think of concrete and big tall buildings. These photos are beautiful, showing places I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing them. :-)

Shelly said...

I've not yet been to NYC....I'd love to someday! And sooner rather than later! Would love to see you when I visit!

One of my BF's daughter's lives in Harlem, lovin' it and the NYC life!

Fun pics,,,,,How FUN would it be to come and explore?

Raining in Washington,,,,,not at ALL our normal pretty late summer/fall.....

Thanks for sharing! Oh,,,,,I've to more books to share with you soon!

Hugs and love,

HennHouse said...

Love the photos... it's like walking there with you.

And I am VERY MUCH dreading the long pants, close-toed shoes, and (ugh) pantyhose!

Country Dreaming said...

Sounds like the perfect day.
I'd like to extend an invite to you to follow me.

Country Dreaming said...

Thanks for joining!!!!


accidental carer said...

Just want to say thank you for your comments on my blog. I appreciate your kindness.........

Amrita said...

Very pleasing photos

Bernie said...

We had a wonderful Fall day here, cool, crisp and sunny....very nice and I truly enjoyed it.
I would love to be remembered in your prayers my friend as I have not been feeling well the past few weeks. I am seeing my doctor this week......:-) Hugs

Barbara Blundell said...

Hope you enjoy the celebrations and the time spent with your friends

Ramblingon said...

I was thinking along those lines yesterday as I went to some parkland to try to get some macros of flowers..which ever were left and that was few. I know I will have to increase my repertoire to Fall and then Winter photos (I do the Flickr thing) but Spring and Summer give me my best topics.
My clothes are already long jeans, socks and I put my red fleece blankie back on the bed yesterday, The cat, the Admiral, has already test drove it.

Sybil said...

Like you I am hanging on to the summer days I don't like the word "hate" but thats what I feel about winter my soul even seems to freeze at the very thought of it arriving..yuck cold grey days !! back to today it has been full of sunshine and not too cold temp is about 65 I think..
Please say very special paryers from my dear Brother in law John and sister Sarah. I think that we may have John with us for only a few more days and he has been such a wonderful brother to me.
Love Sybil xx Have a wonderful september xx

Mevely317 said...

Oh wow ... I'm fantasizing a one-way ticket to New York right about now. Yep, I'm one of those nuts who adores heavy woolen mittens and wearing panty hose. (Come to think of it, I've dozens left over from my "other" life.)
OK, I'll shut up now and go back to drinking in these pictures!
Happy New Year -- I hope you enjoy every minute with good friends and family in the coming days!

Rita E said...

I've never been to New York so I'm with Mevely317 ... NY here I come! Thank you for sharing these pictures.