Friday, March 5, 2010

Sweepstakes Friday

We've finished our public meetings, but getting home late every night has cut into my computer time. I've got some new New York Photos and I promise to download them over the weekend. In the interim, I'm sharing a great contest link. The winner has a wonderful assortment of trips from which to choose, including one of my favorite trips to dream about, seeing the polar bears in Manitoba. Which trip would you choose?

Good luck, friends. And if anyone here wins the trip, of course, you don't have to ask me to accompany you, but I am a very good travel buddy.     


Anonymous said...

If I win you can come with me Buttercup :) After all you did send me that fabulous cook book I won!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Can I go with YOU to see the bears? lol


Robyn Campbell said...

I'm heading over to enter. A trip would be oh so grand. Thank you for your prayers for Christopher. They mean more than you could ever know. I loves ya girl! Happy weekend. =)

Dorothy said...

My first visit to your site, and it's great good luck to all with the contest.

Dorothy from grammology