Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's July 32nd...

Happy Birthday to Kristin! Buttercup Land. It's great to have my own country. One of my powers in Buttercup Land is to change the calendar at will. In the rest of my time zone it's 11:02 PM on August 1, but here it's 11:02 PM on July 32nd. I am stopping time to declare the July Buttercup holiday. Somehow with all that was going on in July I lost track of my holidays. What might be a problem in real life is possible here, in my nice parallel universe.

The Buttercup holiday for July is to celebrate Kristen's birthday. Kristen of the blog, The Journey of Making Dreams a Reality, had asked that her July birthday be declared a national holiday. I can't do it for America, but I can declare July 32nd Kristen's Birthday a Buttercup Holiday. It's a little late, but nonetheless heartfelt. Dear Kristin, have a great and happy and healthy year!
Stop by and visit Kristin's blog. It's lovely reading!


Mimi said...

So happy to see you popped over to visit my blog!!! Well we love Disney so much, our 2nd daughter is a Manager at Epcot!!! So I love the free visits!!!! I will be going to see her in about 3 -4 weeks!!! Love visiting her and I never tire of any of the parks!!! One day, maybe you could meet me in Florida!!!!!I will join your site and follow you around for a while!!!
Please do the same!!!!
hugs tonight, I love New York, been 1 time!!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Buttercup, Still no word from Debbie. I continue to pray and wait. It has been almost 2 hours, so I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I just keep waiting. Thanks for all your prayers. You have been such a good friend to both of us. I love you for that. Talk to you soon. Sherry

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Buttercup!
I just heard from Debbie. When they got to the hospital they immediately hooked Amy up to an IV and Debbie said they were running the IV wide open to get the fluids into her body. Debbie said they are on the second bag now. She has come around a little bit and able to answer a few questions. They have admitted her to the hospital which is a good thing. Debbie said when they finally got a urine specimen it was very, very thick, and she was very close this time. Debbie thought it might have been a couple of days since her kidneys had even moved. Her potassium level was 2.1. Amy won't tell anyone anything as she didn't want to go to the hospital. Amy told the nurse though that this is the worst she had ever felt. Our prayers have been answered once again, and maybe they can get her pumped up with some fluids and allow her to sleep. She is so weak. Debbie thought they would start feeding her but I don't know how that will be just yet, but get some nourishment into her little body. Thank you again my friend from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and support tonight. I love you so much for everything. Love, Sherry

~Kristen~ said...

Hi Buttercup! You are too funny and thanks for the Birthday wishes. So far, this new year has started out wonderfully and I am anxious to see what other new things are awaiting around the corner for me.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Buttercup, you have outdone yrself. This is even a better holiday than Root Vegetable Day!!!