Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Mania

I was coming home tonight from an arduous afternoon at a public hearing -- I know that's redundant -- just about all afternoons at public hearings are arduous. In front of my local grocery and a block from my house there was a movie trailer. This isn't unusual. At least once a month some movie or television show is being filmed, if nothing more than an episode of "Law and Order." There's always a sign posted and I always read the sign. It said the movie being filmed was "The Baster." I zipped home and googled it and found it's with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman. I didn't get to see either of them, so it's a very peripheral claim to movie fame, but still it perked up my evening. I didn't take any pictures, so the picture above taken last week, one block away will have to do. Do like a picture to pep up the blog.
(Sort of) Clue to the movie quiz...He was nominated 3 times for an Academy Award. New clue tomorrow.
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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I wonder if they will film in your area for a long time? I know they filmed a movie out here, or rather in Odessa (10 miles down the road) and everyone was trying to get to be an "extra" in was something about football, high school football is king out here -- some towns are so small they have only 3 or 6 students on a team...LOL...bless their hearts...

His Doorkeeper said...

Enjoyed your blog! Could it be Humphrey Bogart???

Love your pictures of NY!