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(Too Few) Kodak Moments


Baker Library, Dartmouth College at twilight

I've got some nice "scenery" pictures of my fiftieth reunion at Dartmouth. The one above is perhaps my favorite building on campus, Baker Library. Besides my very architecturally undistinguished dorm, I spent the most time on campus in this beautiful building. I studied here just about every day and I had a job here three days a week. The inside has been  perfectly preserved and there's a modern addition at the back of the building, but when I stand in front I easily return to the twenty-year old I was during my year at Dartmouth. 

I took a number of pictures of Baker, day and night and certainly no regrets for that. But what I didn't do was take pictures of the people I met during the days I was at reunion. I have a lot of "Kodak moments" of buildings and the campus, but very few of friends. I was telling this to my friend, Lucy, who is very accustomed to me snapping pictures all the time, and she was very surprised. Her response was "You didn't take many pictures?" 

No, friends, I didn't take many pictures at Dartmouth and this aging pup learned something valuable. Take the pictures of people. Don't skip the scenery, but it's the pictures of people that mean the most. Before my Mount Holyoke reunion I thought about a few pictures that I definitely wanted to capture and despite a few sighs, I've got pictures of all of those friends I cherish. But at Dartmouth, with a few exceptions, I didn't know that the people I met on Friday and Saturday, I would consider friends on Sunday.  

Baker Library at night
I love this photograph of Baker Library taken the last night of reunion and I'm so glad I took it. But I'm sad I didn't also take a photograph of the two classmates I spent the evening talking to. That, too, would have been a Kodak moment to cherish. 

Fortunately, friends snapped a few pictures of me and this is my favorite. It was taken before the Commencement exercises on Sunday morning. 

Buttercup in Hanover, June 2022

It's a wrap on the first half of 2022. Though the summer days are less hectic and there's less scheduled, as we start to get closer to September the year starts racing as though it's a runaway train. Labor Day goes into Rosh Hashanah and then it's Halloween and then and then. But let me stop here and not get ahead of myself. I've got some plans for July and August that I need to focus on first and I guarantee that there are Kodak moments ahead. 

As ever, thanks for visiting and wishes for a great weekend. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a nice place to have spent your college days. Kodak moments are precious times. Glad someone got a shot of you. You look happy to be there !

Lynda said...

You had a wonderful weekend to remember. Thankful you made the commitment to attend. I love the picture of you! You can see the enjoyment on your face!

Edna B said...

I agree, we should remember to take photos of the folks we are with. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

Marcia said...

The church we now attend is right behind Baker. Often referred to as the white church because of it's paint color by Dartmouth students, its CCDC for us. Glad you had a good time in Hanover.

Nellie said...

I understand about the pictures! I’ve missed some opportunities, too. You do a marvelous job with your photographs, anyway!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

While you now regret not taking photos of those you shared time with, Carol, at least you have memories of the good times. Your smiling face tells a story as well. Baker would inspire me to take photos of it as well.

Sandy said...

Sounds like you had a nice reunion, even if you didn't get pictures of the people. Hopefully you exchanged email addresses with several people in order to stay in touch. It's fun making connections with people in our past. Nice pictures of Baker Hall.